Xbox Announces Age of Empires Mobile: Everything you Need to Know

age of empires mobile 2022
Credit - Microsoft

Age of Empires is one of the, if not the most prolific Real-time strategy game out there. The game was developed by Microsoft Game Studios and has been one of the most successful games of all time. The game Was first released in 1997, and around nine games later, the latest entry for the game, Age of Empires: IV, was released in 2021.

But one downside of the whole Age of Empires game is that it was never released for any handheld devices. The only two games released for handhelds were for Windows Phones, which did not last long. So the player base of the OG Age of Empires era was poised to see the teaser announcement for the mobile game of this series.

So here we will talk about all that we came to know about the game, possible release time, and what to expect from the Developers in the future regarding this game genre.

Age of Empires Mobile

Microsoft announced the game during the 25th-anniversary Livestream, dropping a teaser trailer showcasing the gameplay. The 20-second teaser shows the mobile game looks very polished and similar to the older PC versions. World’s Edge Studios are reportedly developing the game for iOS and Android devices.

Microsoft has already launched a Chinese version of Age of Empires Mobile. The game AoE: Return to Empire was developed by Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios, World’s Edge Studio, and Tencent’s Timi Studios. But the game failed to capture the full taste of the classic Age of Empire vibe as it is more like a mil-sim type of game rather than a Real-time Strategy game. There’s no way to confirm the global version of AoE Mobile is the same as the Chinese version. Although, there is a big chance this could be the case.

aoe chinese mobile
Credit – Age of Empire Chinese Mobile

While Microsoft has not announced a launch date for Age of Empires Mobile, the game will likely be launched sometime in early 2023. So we will have to sit tight and wait for any more news from the developer’s end for any kind of update regarding the game.

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