Wild Rift: Summoners Rift All Locations

Summoners Rift is the main map of Wild Rift which is full of different locations. Here is a guide to all the locations in Summoners Rift map of Wild Rift.

Wild Rift is the mobile adaptation of the famous PC MOBA game League of Legends. Published by Riot Games, Wild Rift shares a lot of similar features with League of Legends. From champions to maps, there are a lot of similarities between the two games.

The map of Wild Rift is not very different from League of Legends Summoner’s Rift. Players who have played League of Legends before will have an easier time understanding the map in Wild Rift. However, new players can also understand the map easily by following this guide.

Summoners Rift is not a very hard map to learn. There are very simple and few locations around the map which is needed for the players to know. Here are all the locations around Summoners Rift.


wild rift nexus
Credit: Riot Games

Every team in Summoner’s Rift has its own Nexus, which is protected by two turrets in front of it and is responsible for generating minions in each of the lanes. They are positioned right outside of the spawn area for each team. As long as at least one of the Nexus’s defending turrets or all three of the allies’ inhibitors are active, a Nexus is completely safe from attack.


Wild Rift Lanes

Top Lane

The lane that is situated at the very upper part of the map is typically referred to as the Top Lane. The lane that occupies the very top of the screen is the one that players often perceive to be the best one to play in.

The name “Baron Lane” has been given to the top lane in Wild Rift so that there is no room for misunderstanding. This is due to the fact that the Baron Pit, which is located right next to this lane, is where the Baron Nashor monster spawns. Because of this, if you are perplexed and unable to tell which of the lanes is the top lane, all you need to do is find the Baron Pit.

Players who are on the top lane typically have to play and fight by themselves the majority of the time. Champions capable of holding their own and eliminating foes on their own predominate in the top lane nearly entirely. Players not only need to be skilled in making efficient use of their skills, but they also need to have a comprehensive understanding of the champions they wish to play in order to be successful in the top lane. Only then can they hope to achieve the success that will allow them to advance in the game.

Mid Lane

The Mid Lane is the lane in Wild Rift that is the smallest in length. Since this lane is the one that links the two Nexus bases vertically and covers the least amount of ground, it is one of the lanes that is fought over the most in League of Legends Wild Rift. The majority of the champions being used by players in this lane are Mages.

The primary objective of the mage champions in the middle lane is to harass opponent champions that are moving toward the mid lane in preparation for an attack. They continue to harass the champions of the opposing team all the way up to the middle of the game while simultaneously leveling up.

Mages also have the ability to roam between other lanes in order to help their teammates who are competing in other lanes. Because the middle lane is located precisely in the center of the other two lanes, it is simple for mages to move swiftly between the other lanes in order to provide assistance to their teammates.

Bottom Lane

The top lane and the bot lane have the same distance between their respective nexuses, which causes the bot lane to be a reflection of the top lane. In most cases, a Marksman champion and a Support champion are the ones who take up residence in the bot lane.

Dragon Lane is the name given to the bot lane in Wild Rift. This is due to the fact that dragons from the game will spawn in this lane at some time over the course of a match.

Marksman champions compete in this lane with the hope of accumulating more gold, which will enable them to make faster purchases of equipment and, as a result, improve their overall power level. On the other hand, help champions are required for this lane due to the fact that Marksmen often have very low health, and these champions are required to help the Marksmen.

Jungle Camps

Rift Herald

wild rift rift herald
Credit: Riot Games

Rift Herald spawns at the Baron Pit situated beside the top lane or the Baron lane. Rift Herald drops an eye once it is defeated. The team to pick the eye can summon the Rift Herald on one of the lanes. Rift Herald will directly attack the closest enemy turret of the lane that he will be summoned in. Rift Herald spawns six minutes into the game in the place mentioned above.

Baron Nashor

wild rift baron nashor
Credit: Riot Games

Baron Nashor is the strongest monster of all the monsters who spawns during the matches and respawns after three minutes of being defeated. Baron spawns 10 minutes into the game. Defeating the Baron grants the players with the strongest buff. When a champion with Baron buff moves with his teammates, it provides damage buff to the allies nearby.

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