Wild Rift: Ranking All Top Lane Champions from Worst to Best

League of Legends: Wild Rift

In this guide, we will rank all the top lane champions in League of Legends Wild Rift in tiers on the basis of their strength, durability, and other attributes.

League of Legends Wild Rift is one of the most famous MOBA games available for mobile platforms. Being the mobile version of League of Legends, Wild Rift is certainly hyped around the world and is being played by many people daily around the world.

Wild Rift also features the common and basic features of every other MOBA game. The game features different characters, each with unique combat skills and abilities, who are termed ‘Champions’ in the game. Each of these champions has different roles in the game based on their skills.

The top lane in Wild Rift is also called Baron lane. This lane is generally played by Fighter champions. This lane provides more exp to level up faster during the match and become stronger in the later stage of the game.

wild rift gameplay
Credit: Riot Games

This article will rank all the top lane champions from worst to best based on their stats, attributes, and usability on the battlefield.

Wild Rift Top Lane Tier List

S-TierFiora, Riven, Garen
A-TierAkali, Wukong, Malphite, Shen, Gragas
B-TierDr Mundo, Pantheon, Jax, Yone, Gwen, Lucian, Tryndamere, Yasuo, Aatrox
C-TierSinged, Nasus, Olaf, Sett
D-TierKayle, Kennen, Teemo

All Wild Rift Top Lane Champions Ranked



Kayle is one of the weakest champions to try out for the top lane. Her attack might be a bit more powerful than a few other champions, but her overall stats place her in the lowest tier on our list.


Kennen has a relatively low damage output. Also, including his overall attributes, Kennen is not a strong pick for the top lane.


Teemo is also very similar to Kennen when it comes to quality as a top laner.



Singed can deal a fair amount of damage using his poisons and other attacks. But when facing other strong champions in the top lane, Singed can face problems tackling them.


Nasus might work as a good tank character. But he is certainly not strong enough to be a top-lane champion. His skills lack some attributes, which makes him fall behind in the list.


Although Olaf can gain a boost in attack speed using his skills, Olaf is certainly not a good pick for the top lane due to his low damage output.


Sett has a very low damage output. Even with his Knuckle Down skill, Sett can deal very less damage to the enemies on the battlefield.

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Dr Mundo

Dr Mundo is a strong tank champion, as he can take a lot of damage without losing much health. Although, he is a very moderate choice for the top lane considering the damage done to the enemies.


Pantheon’s spear can deal dual damage at a time if more enemies fall in its line of attack. However, the amount of damage done with his attacks places him in this tier of our ranking.


Jax is strong with counterattacks thanks to his skill set. However, he also faces difficulty in dealing damage to the enemies like most other champions in this tier.


Yone is a fairly strong top-lane champion if it can be used perfectly. Yone can be hard for many new players to learn due to his complex use mechanism of the skills.


Gwen’s skill Hallowed Mist allows her to defend herself from any incoming enemy damage. This can be a very useful skill for her to use on the battlefield. But her low damage output and lower health make her struggle in front of other strong champions.


Lucian can be a good pick for the top lane for the beginners of the game. However, climbing up the ladder of the ranks, players might find it very hard to match the skill of other players with Lucian.


Tryndamere does not have any mentionable set of skills which makes him different from other top laners. However, Tryndamere can be a good asset for the team when used properly.


Yasuo is a moderately effective top laner in Wild Rift. Yasuo, when used properly and equipped with good equipment, can deal heavy damage to enemies.


Aatrox is also a beginner-friendly top laner in League of Legends Wild Rift, however, he might struggle a lot when it comes to fighting stronger champions.



Akali is great at dealing damage to enemies, thanks to her kunai knives. Her attack range and also bonus attack power make her one of the strongest top laners.


Wu Kong is more of a fighter champion than a tank champion. His skills provide him with a good amount of attack and movement speed boost, making his escapes easier from battles that are not favourable for Wu Kong.


Malphite is one of the strongest top lane champions in League of Legends Wild Rift. Malphite can absorb a lot of enemy damage thanks to his strong armour, which can also be used to land some attacks on enemies during battles.


Shen’s set of skills is full of defensive abilities that provide him with shields to defend himself from any kind of incoming enemy attack. Shen’s skills, when used perfectly, can withstand heavy enemy attacks and absorb more damage effectively.


Despite being a tank champion, Gragas’ skills are mostly concentrated on dealing damage. Gragas can deal damage to a good amount of enemies aside from his high durability. Gragas can also deal magic damage to enemies by stunning them.



Fiora is one of the most useful top laner in Wild Rift due to her high damage output and fast attack speed. Her Bladework can deal a serious amount of damage on the enemies when used perfectly.


Although her damage radius is smaller compared to many other assassins, Riven is very effective in dealing damage to enemies. Riven can also deal a good amount of burst damage to the enemies.


Garen the Might of Demacia, is another top laner champion with outstanding durability and damage-dealing abilities. His versatile set of skills lets him deal a good amount of damage to the enemies. Garen can also recover lost health through his passive and reduce damage taken for a certain amount of time by using his skills.

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