Wild Rift: Ranking All Mage Champions from Best to Worst

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Mages are characters that rely heavily on magic spells and abilities to deal damage or help the team. Here’s a list of mage champions from Wild Rift ranking from best to worst.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a multiplayer online battle arena mobile game developed and published by Riot Games for Android and iOS. The free-to-play game is a modified version of the PC game League of Legends for mobile users.

Mages are those types of champions who mostly rely on magic to deal damage or to help ally champions win fights. Mages are a constant character type in most MOBA out there, and Wild Rift is no different. There are a bunch of mages in Wild Rift as well.

Here we list the mages in Wild Rift from worst to best. So read it out properly to pick your favorite mage as your next main champion.

Mage Tier List Wild Rift


S Tier: The best of the best champions for the current patch. They are pretty viable picks for now and a good player can easily unleash havoc on the enemies.

A Tier: They are not the very best of the best but still good picks. They require a good sense of the game and the character to play well and carry the game.

B Tier: They are not absurdly broker, and neither are they pretty strong. But a player must have a great game sense and knowledge about the champion to play well with them.

C Tier: Do not pick them, at all.

Tier Overview

Tier Champions
SZoe, Karma, Vex
AAhri, Lilia, Twisted Fate, Oriana
BAurelion Sol, Kennen, Ziggs, Veigar, Brand
CLux, Annie

S Tier

Champions in This Tier: Zoe, Karma, Vex

1. Zoe
wr zoe
Credit – Wild Rift

Zoe is one of the most powerful champions in the game currently. She excels both in damage and outplaying her opponent with wit if in the right hand. She can easily turn the tide of a game single-handedly, destroying the backline of any team and escaping successfully.

Playable Lanes: Midlane, Support

2. Karma
wr karma
Credit – Wild Rift

Karma is one of the most flexible champions in the game currently. She excels as a support with her slow and burns, also by her CC skill. She can give a shield to herself as well for her allies. But as a midlaner, she can dish out a ton of damage and one-shot most ADC and laners if properly built.

Playable Lanes: Midlane, Support.

3. Vex
wr vex
Credit – Wild Rift

Vex is one of the if not the most annoying but powerful midlaner mages in the game currently. She has a huge gap closer ability, with the fear and a ton of damage that can clear up the enemy team in a blink. She is a must-pick for the current season if you’re a midlaner.

Playable Lanes: Midlane.

A Tier

Champions in This Tier: Ahri, Lilia, Twisted Fate, Oriana

1. Ahri
wr ahri
Credit – Wild Rift

Ahri is a good and viable mid-lane pick for this patch. She has a decent amount of damage output paired with a gap closure or escape ability to escape that nifty battlefield situation. She is still a viable pick as a midlaner in the game currently.

Playable Lanes: Midlane.

2. Lilia
wr lilia
Credit – Wild Rift

Lilia is one of the best jungler in the game currently. She has a good amount of damage and team fight ability. She is also the champion with the fastest movement speed currently in the game, making her kiting and dodging ability much more fun and smooth. She can also be played as a viable support champion.

Playable Lanes: Jungle, Support.

3. Twisted Fate
wr tf
Credit – Wild Rift

Twisted Fate is one of the most consistent champions in the game currently. He has always been a great champ to pick for mid-lane and is a real threat in the right hand. He has a good damage output with a global ult and CC abilities to disrupt the opponents.

Playable Lanes: Midlane.

4. Oriana
wr oriana
Credit – Wild Rift

Oriana is a good midlaner to pick this patch. She has a decent damage output backed by her teamplay prowess. She can also be played as a support as she can give shield and has team CC ult which can disrupt the enemy team in teamfights.

Playable Lanes: Midlane, Support.

B Tier

Champions in This Tier: Aurelion Sol, Kennen, Ziggs, Veigar, Brand

1. Aurelion Sol
wr AS
Credit – Wild Rift

Aurelion Sol has always been a weird pick for the game. He does little damage, and his laning phase is also not that good which falls off drastically in the late game. Aurelion sol needs a huge lead and tremendous amount of teamwork to be viable to play in the game.

Playable Lanes: Midlane

2. Kennen
wr kennen
Credit – Wild Rift

Kennen is a mage who used to be a powerful toplane. But as the game progressed and meta shifted he fell from his role as there are much more viable picks and options to consider regarding his role in the game. The only viable use for kennen is his team CC ult. So he is a pretty linear champion as of now.

Playable Lanes: Midlane, Top.

3. Ziggs
wr ziggs
Credit – Wild Rift

Ziggs has always been a weak link in both the ADC role and in the midlane. His damage output is not heavy, and he falls in damage to some very shabby laners. The only feasible use for Ziggs is that he can take down turrets pretty fast and easily so he can work as a side lane pusher in the late game.

Playable Lanes: ADC, Top.

4. Veigar
wr veigar
Credit – Wild Rift

Veigar is a pretty shabby and linear champion in the game. You have to farm a lot with him in order for him to be viable in the game. So the game needs to run a long time if Veigar needs to be playable. Veigar can also be played as a support, but he has only one ability that can actually help the team in a team fight.

Playable Lanes: Midlane, Support.

5. Brand

wr brand
Credit – Wild Rift

Brand is a champion with a huge damage potential. But the main problem with brand is that all of his skills are skill shots that are most likely to be missed by players who are not accustomed to him. So he is most likely to be underestimated and thus falls off in later stages of the game.

Playable Lanes: Midlane, Support.

C Tier

Champions in This Tier: Lux, Annie

1. Lux
wr lux
Credit – Wild Rift

Lux is one of the worst support you can play right now in the bottom lane in Wild Rift. She’s still a viable pick for mid-lane though. But also in there she can fall off pretty drastically and is very hard to catch up if the opponent advances.

Playable Lanes: Midlane, Support.

2. Annie
wr annie
Credit – Wild Rift

Annie is one of the weakest midlaner in the game right now. Her damage is pretty easily reducible building magic resist only, and she needs to activate her passive every time she needs to do damage and execute enemies. So she is not a very viable pick right now.

Playable Lanes: Midlane.

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