Wild Rift: Ranking All Assassin Champions from Best to Worst

In this guide, we will rank all the Assassin champions in League of Legends Wild Rift in tiers on the basis of their strength, durability, and other attributes.

League of Legends Wild Rift is the mobile version of the famous MOBA game League of Legends. League of Legends has been one of the greatest hits for Riot Games. After the PC domination, Riot Games developed Wild Rift as the game’s mobile version.

In Wild Rift, as in the vast majority of other MOBA games, each champion belongs to one of many classes. These classes provide a means of differentiating the roles and responsibilities of the champions. Each champion is assigned to one of these classes based on the combination of their existing skill sets and other attributes.

In Wild Rift, the assassins mainly work as the secondary offensive force of your team. Assassins are equipped with such talents which will help you launch a perfect offence on the enemy lines. Assassins mainly work to clear jungles equipping the necessary equipment.

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Credit: Riot Games

There are 23 assassin champions in Wild Rift right now. Not all of them possess the same amount of strength. This guide will rank all the Assassin champions in Wild Rift according to their tiers.

Wild Rift Assassin Tier List

S-TierKai’Sa, Kha’Zix, Lee Sin
A-TierEvelynn, Fiora, Katarina, Pantheon, Riven,
B-TierIrelia, Ahri, Master Yi, Rengar, Yasuo,
C-TierAkali, Akshan, Kassadin, Pyke, Vayne, Yone, Zed
D-TierEkko, Fizz, Samira,

Best Assassin Champions in Wild Rift



Kai’Sa’s missiles are very dangerous for enemies due to their high range and also high damage. Kai’Sa can further upgrade her weapons to deal more damage to the enemies. Her skills also grant her movement and attack speed boost, making her one of the best assassins in Wild Rift.


Kha’Zix is one of the best assassins available in Wild Rift right now. Along with his incredible juggling abilities, Kha’Zix can also greatly help his team to take down enemies.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin can be termed one of the strongest assassins and also one of the most versatile champions of Wild Rift. His pool of skills can be very fatal to the enemies when used perfectly by the players.



Although Evelynn’s attack range is shorter compared to other assassins, Evelynn’s damage output is what makes her so strong. Evelynn can deal a significant amount of damage to enemies by slowing them down using her skills.


Fiora is one of the most useful assassins in Wild Rift due to her high damage output and fast attack speed. Her Bladework can deal a serious amount of damage on the enemies when used perfectly.


Katarina is an impressive assassin who can deal a significant amount of damage to enemies. Katarina also has comparatively faster movement speed, making her more useful during battles.


Pantheon has one of the highest early-game damage outputs among all other champions in Wild Rift, which makes him one of the strongest assassins as well.


Although her damage radius is smaller compared to many other assassins, Riven is very effective in dealing damage to enemies. Riven can also deal a good amount of burst damage to the enemies.



Irelia is another versatile assassin in Wild Rift. Irelia can heal herself, along with providing herself with several boosts while attacking and dealing damage on the enemies effectively.


Ahri is an easy-to-learn champion. She can work effectively in disabling movement abilities and dealing a good amount of damage to the enemies by using her skills.

Master Yi

Master Yi has some impressive movement mechanisms which make him very effective in attacking enemies by moving from one place to another. His moderately high damage output adds to his qualities as a good assassin champion.


Rengar is very strong as an assassin right from the very beginning of the game. When equipped with the correct equipment, Rengar can turn out to be one of the most dangerous assassins in Wild Rift.


Yasuo is a moderately effective assassin in Wild Rift. Yasuo, when used properly and equipped with good equipment, can deal heavy damage to enemies.



Akali is one of the most aggressive-styled assassins in Wild Rift. But her damage output is very less when compared to the other assassins in the game.


Akshan is known for a unique ability of his own. His second ability Going Rogue grants him extra gold whenever he kills an enemy and also reduces the spawn timer for his fallen teammates.


Kassadin casts spells on the enemies to deal a good amount of damage to them. Kassadin can also slow down enemies, effectively creating a scope for him and his teammates to finish the enemy off.


Pyke can pull enemies to the other side, putting the enemies in a very dangerous position. Pyke can also damage the enemies heavily, along with making a chance for teammates to attack as well.


Vayne is comparatively weaker in the initial stages of the matches. Vayne needs to farm a lot at the beginning of the matches to buy equipment in order to make her attacks more strong.


Yone greatly excels in attacking enemies rapidly. But his damage outputs are very low, making him less effective against other champions.


Zed is an assassin who excels in single-target attacks. Zed mostly attacks one target at a time which makes him less weak as an assassin on the battlefield.



Ekko is a good assassin for beginners. But when players will reach higher levels and unlock better assassins, it will be very tough for them to survive the battles with Ekko.


Fizz is one of the weakest assassins in Wild Rift. His damage output also makes him a poor choice for the players.


Samira is also another weak assassin in Wild Rift. Her attack abilities are not so useful against well-equipped enemies.

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