Wild Rift: List of Top 10 Beginner-Friendly Champions

The ultimate guide for beginners to find the easiest-to-play and beginner-friendly champion in Wild Rift to play with.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is Riot Game’s mobile version of their famous MOBA title League of Legends. Like its PC counterpart, the mobile version has several similarities in gameplay and the champions.

While Wild Rift has some unique champion abilities, the champions in the game have been taken from the game’s PC version. Currently, there are 98 champions available for the Wild Rift players to choose from.

With such a huge lineup of champions, it can be hard to decide which one to pick to begin your Wild Rift journey. Here is a list of the top beginner-friendly champions in Wild Rift to make this selection easier for you.

List of Beginner-Friendly Wild Rift Champions

Here is the list of the top ten beginner-friendly champions you can start your game with.

1. Garen

garen wild rift
Credit: Riot Games

Garen is one of the most beginner-friendly top lane champions. His passive ability is a simple kit that can regenerate his health when not engaged in combat. His Q ability, Decisive Strike, helps him silence enemies, making it useful for catching enemies or escaping.

His W ability is Courage, which gives him a shield that reduces the damage he takes. His E ability, Judgement, allows him to spin attack that deals damage to all nearby enemies. His ultimate ability is Demacian Justice which deals massive damage to low-health enemies targeted.

2. Annie

annie wild rift
Credit: Riot Games

Annie is a beginner-friendly mid-lane mage champion who is easy to use thanks to her straightforward abilities. Her passive ability can cast spells that will stun the target. Her Q ability is the Disintegrate which deals damage to any targeted location or enemy.

Incinerate is her W ability which is an area-of-effect ability that deals damage to all the enemies in its radius. Her E ability is the Molten Shield which can reduce incoming damage. Annie’s ultimate ability can summon Tibbers, that deals damage and stuns all nearby enemies.

3. Ashe

ashe wild rift
Credit: Riot Games

Ashe is a marksman champion and easy to play because of her long-range attacks and crowd-control abilities. Her passive ability is the Frost Shot which can slow its target, making them vulnerable to attack. Her Q ability or the Ranger Focus can increase her attack speed.

Her W ability is the Volley which can shoot nine arrows that damage all enemies in a line. Her E ability is the Hawkshot which reveals a small map area. Her ultimate ability is the Enchanted Crystal Arrow, a controllable long-range allow that stuns the first enemy it hits and damages the surrounding enemies.

4. Amumu

amumu wild rift
Credit: Riot Games

Amumu is a tank-class jungler champion who has pretty decent crowd-control abilities. His passive ability is called Cursed Touch, which can deal magic damage to his enemies; his Q ability, Bandage toss, stuns and deals damage to the enemies and pulls Amumu closer to the target.

His W ability is Despair which deals damage over time to all nearby enemies. His E ability is Tantrum which reduces the physical damage he takes. His ultimate ability is called Curse of the Sad Mummy, a massive area-of-effect stun that can turn the tides of the battle by entangling the enemies in bandages and applying a curse.

5. Lux

Lux Wild Rift
Credit: Riot Games

Lux is a mage champion with good long-range abilities and crowd control. Her passive ability is called Illumination, and her Q ability is Light Bending which immobilizes the first enemy it hits.

Her W ability Prismatic Barrier creates a shield that protects her and her allies from enemy damage. Her E ability Lucent Singularity deals area damage over time to nearby enemies. Final Spark is her ultimate ability, which inflicts a long-range beam of light that damages all enemies in a line.

6. Soraka

soraka wild rift
Credit: Riot Games

Soraka is a support champion that can heal her allies. Her passive ability, Salvation, helps her run faster toward her low-health partners. Her Q ability, or the Starcall, deals magic damage, slows the enemies, and recovers her health.

Her W ability is the Astral Infusion, by which Soraka sacrifices her health to heal her allies. Her E ability is called the Equinox, which helps her to silence all enemies in a target zone; her ultimate ability Wish allows her to restore the health of the whole team.

7. Tryndamere


Tryndamere is a fighter class champion who is excellent at dealing damage to enemies. His passive ability grants him a critical strike chance, making him worthy at 1v1 fights, and his Q ability, Bloodlust, increases his attacking stats.

His W ability is the Mocking Shout which decreases the opponent’s attack damage and movement speed, making them vulnerable. His E ability is the Spinning Slash which slices toward targeted enemies and damages all enemies in the path. His ultimate ability is called Undying Rage, which makes him immune to death for some time.

8. Master Yi

Master Yi

Master YI is a fighter class champion who efficiently takes down enemies in a short time. His passive ability increases his attack speed every time he attacks. His Q ability, Alpha Strike, allows him to teleport at a breakneck pace, making him a hard target.

His W ability is called Meditate, which restores his health. His E ability, or the Wuju Style, buffs his elemental attacks, and his ultimate ability is the Highlander which increases his movement and attack speed.

9. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune Wild Rift

Miss Fortune is a marksman capable of simultaneously dealing long-range damage to multiple enemies. Her passive ability is called Love Trap which deals bonus physical damage, her Q ability, Double up, fires a damaging bullet to enemies in its line.

Her W ability, or the Strut, increases her movement and attack speeds. Her E ability, Make It Rain makes a rain of bullets damaging every enemy in its area. Her ultimate ability is Bullet Time which fires shots dealing massive damage to the enemies before her.

10. Jinx

Jinx Wild Rift

Jinx is a marksman with significant long-range attacks. Her passive ability, Get Excited! Increases her attack and movement speed, and her Q ability is the Switcheroo which replaces her basic attacks with rockets.

Her W ability is called Zap!, which deals and slows the first enemy it hits. Her E ability or the Flame Chompers! It fires several grenades, which explode over time. Her ultimate ability is the Super Mega Death rocket, like a rocket launcher firing a missile that damages all the enemies in its line.

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