Wild Rift: List of All Ranks

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Ranks in Wild Rift vary from its PC counterpart. The rank system is very unique and a bit complicated at first glance. Here’s a total breakdown of it.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a multiplayer online battle arena mobile game developed and published by Riot Games for Android and iOS. The free-to-play game is a modified version of the PC game League of Legends for mobile users.

Ranks can be unlocked by playing the ranked mode in the game. You can climb the rank ladder and get higher ranks as you play and win through the game. The game’s ranking system is different than many other games, and you have to understand it properly to utilize the system more and climb more efficiently through the ranks.

So here we will thoroughly break down the ranking system of Wild Rift. So read this out inside and out to properly know everything you need about the ranking system.

All Ranks of Wild Rift

There are 10 rank tiers in Wild Rift. All of them have 4 divisions of their own. Excluding Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger. They have a separate rank list where you can climb to go to the next rank tier.

wr ranks
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All the ranks in Wild Rift till Master have 4 divisions, and you can advance a division by earning rank marks. Rank marks are earned by winning matches, and losing matches make you lose one mark. Unlike its PC counterpart, Wild Rift doesn’t have any promotional series. So you can advance to the next rank tier if you are able to collect all the marks to advance.

Ranking Up and Rank Fortitude

As we’ve said earlier, you have to earn rank marks to advance through rank divisions in the game. The number of rank marks varies from tier to tier in the system. Here’s a list of required rank marks list in Wild Rift.

RankRequired Marks
Iron2 Marks
Bronze3 Marks
Silver3 Marks
Gold 4 Marks
Platinum4 Marks
Emerald5 Marks

Rank fortitude is also another aspect of the ranking system of the wild rift. Rank fortitude is the points that you earn when you win a match, and it depends on your performance in the game. If you complete your rank fortitude meter, you get a Rank Shield. If you have a rank shield up and you lose a match, the mark deduction is spared, and instead, your fortitude meter drops by half.

wr rank fortitude
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Here’s a list of max fortitude attainable for different rank tiers.

RankMax Fortitude Obtainable

After diamonds, the players enter a rank list where they can earn victory points by winning matches and lose them by losing matches. Thus they can climb up the ladder after diamond and go through rank tiers.

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