Wild Rift: How to Unlock New Champions

There are several ways to unlock new champions in League of Legends Wild Rift and here are all of them with the detailed process.

Riot Games published League of Legends Wild Rift as the mobile version of the famous MOBA game League of Legends. The game is widely famous all around the world and is being played by millions of players on a daily basis.

The characters of League of Legends Wild Rift are called Champions. Unlocking all the champions of the game is a tough job to do for the players. Players need to put in a lot of effort and time in order to grind and unlock these champions.

wild rift gameplay
Credit: Riot Games

Here are all the ways to unlock new champions in League of Legends Wild Rift.

Ways to Unlock New Champions in Wild Rift

Complete Event and Missions

Players can earn champion chests by finishing the events and missions of the game. Temporary events are often added to the game. Completing these events often gives the players a chance to unlock a lot of new champions. The challenges of these events also feature a lot of other rewards for the players.

Players can also complete the given missions in the game to earn weekly points and also earn mission rewards. These mission rewards often give the players a new champion. Missions can be found in the mission tab on the bottom right corner of the homepage.

Use Wild Cores

Players can also unlock champions by paying real money and buying Wild Cores. Each champion costs 725 Wild Cores to be unlocked. Players can buy these Wild Cores by using real money and use them in order to unlock new champions in the game.

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