Wild Rift: How to Last Hit Minions

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Last-hitting minions grant you the most experience and gold in Wild Rift. It is a must skill that every laner should hone in the game. Here’s a guide to how to last hit minions in Wild Rift.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a multiplayer online battle arena mobile game developed and published by Riot Games for Android and iOS. The free-to-play game is a modified version of the PC game League of Legends for mobile users.

Minions are the lane monsters that come in wave and helps the characters destroy towers and end the game. They grant experience and gold if killed by auto attack or abilities. Minions are the only source of gold and exp for the laners besides killing opponents and demolishing towers.

Here’s a comprehensive guide about how to last hit minions and get that extra gold and experience. Last hitting can also help you maintain the minion wave so that when you recall and then come back you don’t miss out on a lot of gold and exp.

All About the Minions

Minions are lane creeps that are summoned from the nexus and are found in the lanes. They automatically engage enemies or turrets or other minions. Killing minions grants champion experience points and golds which can be used in shops later on to buy items and thus making the champions stronger.

wr minions
Credit – Wild Rift

Minions grant regular gold when they are killed in the range of a champion. But last hitting a minion grants the most gold and exp. What is last hitting? Last hitting means to hit the minion with an auto-attack or any ability to execute it or to drain its health bar to 0.

This can be very tricky as you have to keep the minion health bar in check so that you don’t miss the last hitting window. Last hitting minion in wild rift is a bit easier than its PC counterpart as the game helps you to check the last hit window of a minion.

When you’re attacking a minion, and it can be killed with your next auto attack or basic ability, the health bar turns white, and it indicates that you can now last hit the minion.

wr minion white health
Credit – Wild Rift

Last hitting can be very useful in maintaining the lane wave also. You can make the wave hold in your side of the lane much more by waiting to just last hit the minions. That way you can easily keep the wave at your side and thus will not miss out on the bonus golds and extra exp points that you need to outclass your opponents.

Gold Count while last hitting minions:

  • Killing a melee minion grants 65 golds.
  • Killing a caster minion grants 40 golds.
  • Killing a siege minion grants 85 golds.

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