Wild Rift: How to Get More Gold in a Match

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Here’s a complete guide on how you can earn more gold in a match in Wild Rift.

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a multiplayer online battle arena mobile game developed and published by Riot Games for Android and iOS. The free-to-play game is a modified version of the PC game League of Legends for mobile users.

Gold is the only in-game currency in Wild Rift, which you get by doing several things. For example, you can spend gold in the shop to buy items that will boost your stats and make you stronger. Or you can also buy boots that will increase your movement speed and gain you that upper hand from your opponents.

So accumulating more gold can be the difference between winning and losing a lane to your opponent. Here’s a complete guide to how to earn more gold in the game than your opponents.

How to Earn Gold in the Game

1. Last Hitting Minions

wr minions
Credit – Wild Rift

Last hitting the minions generate the most gold rather than letting them die usually. Last-hitting minions is the most effective way for any laner to generate and gather gold. The amount of gold that a player can get by last hitting minion is as follows:

  • Last-hitting a melee minion grants 65 gold.
  • Last-hitting a caster minion grants 40 gold.
  • Last-hitting a siege minion grants 85 gold.
  • Last-hitting a Mega minion grants 120 gold.

2. Killing Jungle Monsters

wr jg monsters
Credit – Wild Rift

This is the most viable option for the junglers in the game to earn gold. They can make very little gold from lane minions as they have jungle items, but they cover it up as the jungle monsters give them extra golds to work with. Different monster camps provide different amounts of gold in the game. So as a jungle, clearing as many jungle camps as possible is a prominent way to earn much gold. The list of gold you can get by killing jungle monsters is given below:

  • Red Buff gives 140 gold.
  • Red Buff (Upgraded) gives 220 gold.
  • Blue Buff gives 140 gold.
  • Blue Buff (Upgraded) gives 220 gold.
  • Gromp gives 140 gold.
  • Raptor gives 160 gold.
  • Wolves give 140 gold.
  • Krugs give 200 gold.
  • Scuttlers give 120 gold.
  • Rift Herald gives 300 gold.
  • Drakes give 150 gold.
  • Baron Gives 200 gold.

3. Destroying Structures and Wards

wr turrents
Credit – Wild Rift

Destroying wards and structures, like towers, is an excellent way to earn some extra gold. Destroying wards is mainly done by support players or junglers, and they can provide you with an extra bit of gold to spare. Destroying towers is a main source of earning much gold for both laners, and it also offers global gold for the whole team. The tower gold counts are as follows:

  • Outer turret
    • Local gold: 175.
    • Global gold: 75.
  • Inner turret
    • Local gold: 150.
    • Global gold: 75.
  • Inhibitor turret
    • Local gold: 175.
    • Global gold: 75.

4. Killing Opponents

Killing opponent champions is one of the most viable ways to earn gold. Killing your opponent can grant a hefty sum of gold. And the first kill of the game, called ‘First Blood,’ gives you an amount of 500 gold, which is a perfect head start for any champion in the game.

Killing any champion grants your 400 gold, but every death without getting a kill will give you extra 40 gold so that you don’t fall that much behind your lane opponent.

Tips on Earning More Gold

1. Minion Wave Management

Minion wave management is one of the essential tips to earn more gold in the game. If you can manage the minion wave properly, you can make more gold than your lane opponents and can earn more gold than them.

2. Killing Opponents and Ganking

Killing opponents is a very effective way to win and gain gold. Also, assisting your teammate while killing an opponent will get you a hefty sum of gold. So players should always keep their eyes open for potential ganks and openings.

3. Pushing your lane

As destroying turrents can generate a ton of gold, pushing a lane if you are a solo laner rather than waiting for fights to get gold is an excellent idea.

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