Wild Rift: Battle Pass, Wild Pass Guide

A complete and thorough guide to the Wild Rift Battle Pass, Wild Pass, along with everything that you need to know about it.

League of Legends Wild Rift is the mobile adaptation of the famous PC game League of Legends. Wild Rift shares a lot of similar features with League of Legends. One such feature is the Battle Pass system of the game.

The Battle Pass in League of Legends Wild Rift is called the Wild Pass. Wild Passes provides the players with rewards including currencies, emotes, and even an exclusive skin.

wild rift turrets
Credit: Riot Games

In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide on the Battle Pass system of League of Legends Wild Rift along with everything that you need to know about it.

What is Wild Pass?

Wild Pass is the Battle Pass system of League of Legends Wild Rift which gives the players an opportunity to obtain additional rewards. Wild Pass rewards include currencies, emotes, and even an exclusive skin.

Each Wild Pass stays active for a specific period of time. Whenever a new Wild Pass begins, every player needs to start leveling up again for unlocking new rewards for each Wild Pass.

Wild Pass Missions

Daily Missions

Wild Pass features daily missions for the players to complete and earn XPs every day. Players can earn XPs just by playing the game and queuing for matches. Here is a detailed breakdown of the XPs earned from each match.

Game ModeWild Pass XP
(Victory/ Defeat)
Ranked / Legendary Queue+18 / +12
PvP+16 / +11
ARAM+12 / +8

Weekly Missions

Wild Pass adds new weekly missions on every Monday for the players to finish. These missions feature different kinds of tasks, including easy and hard missions as well. Players will sometime need to grind hard for finishing some of these missions.

Weekly Missions are not dismissed after the end of every week. They remain active until the players finish the missions. But the missions will be dismissed once a new Wild Pass arrives. If any player did not complete three consecutive weekly missions, they will need to finish any one in order to unlock a new set of Weekly Missions.

Seasonal Challenges

Seasonal Challenges are tasks that you complete to earn Wild Pass XPs depending on your overall performance over a given season. These tasks include dealing damage, slaying monsters, and earning gold.

If you successfully complete a task, you will be rewarded with a significant amount of Wild Pass XP and granted access to the subsequent milestone. You will not receive any more XP further once you have finished the fifth challenge.

Wild Pass Rewards

Free Rewards

Wild Pass provides everyone with some common rewards regardless of buying the pass. These rewards are given to anyone who reaches those certain Wild Pass levels.

wild pass rewards
Credit: Riot Games

Premium Rewards

Players can buy the Premium Wild Pass by using 590 Wild Cores. The premium rewards feature a lot of extra and exclusive rewards which the free rewards do not. The Premium Wild Pass also unlocks additional Seasonal Challenges and items in the Wild Pass Emporium.

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