Wild Rift: ARAM Guide

ARAM is a special game mode in League of Legends: Wild Rift, which means All Random All Mid, and here is a complete guide to the mode.

League of Legends Wild Rift is the mobile adaptation of the famous PC game League of Legends. Wild Rift shares a lot of similar features with League of Legends. Wild Rift has also seen success since its release, as it has millions of players playing the game every day around the world.

The abbreviation ARAM stands for “All Random, All Mid,” which is a unique game mode. It is remarkably similar to the original League of Legends Wild Rift in a number of important respects. But, this particular gameplay emphasizes a fast and intense match.

wild rift aram gameplay
Credit: Riot Games

ARAM can be a bit tough to understand for players who are trying the game mode for the first time. Here in this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide to the complete game mode.

Wild Rift ARAM: Champion Selection

The process of choosing champions in ARAM differs from that used in the classic Wild Rift. In ARAM, each member of the team is given a champion at random from a pool comprised of all of the champions that they currently own.

This method of champion selection is followed by ARAM, which encourages a greater variety of champions to be used. Most of the time, players prefer playing with a certain pool of champions, which greatly restricts their whole experience.

ARAM allows the player to test out champions and playstyles that they might not have tried in other modes. This game mode also prohibits players from gaining an unfair advantage by filling their accounts with champions who are good in ARAM.

wild rift aram champions select
Credit: Riot Games

A reroll or bench system is also available in ARAM for players who do not like the champions that were randomly given to them. Players have the ability to choose a new champion through the use of the reroll mechanism, which places their currently active champion on the bench.

After being transferred to the bench, champions are available for selection once more by the other participants in the match.

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There is a limit of two rerolls that can be stored in the account of any player. Rerolls can be recharged and obtained by playing more ARAM matches.

Wild Rift ARAM: Spells

ARAM features all the spells from a classic Wild Rift match except Smite. However, this mode also includes two unique spells- Clarity and Snowball.

ClarityRestores a lot of mana to its user plus a smaller amount to all allies in range, making it the preferred pick for mana-hungry champions.
SnowballIf it strikes an enemy (champions, minions, etc. If they have a health bar, you can hit them!), you can reactivate the spell to execute an untargetable dash to the marked unit.

Wild Rift ARAM: Map and Other Features

ARAM takes place on a different map called Howling Abyss. This map is a single laned map where all the champions fight in a single lane, making it very intense and crazy for the players.

wild rift aram map
Credit: Riot Games

The experience level of the players increases automatically at a set rate in ARAM, even if the players are not doing anything. Every player begins at level 3 with 1,700 gold in ARAM, which they can use to learn abilities or buy new items.

The ARAM mode also features a shop from where players can buy items once they spawn. However, once they leave the base, they can no longer buy anything from the shop unless they die again.

The fountain also does not heal the players if they walk toward it. This means death is the only way to regain all the lost health. There is also no Recall option available in this game mode.

ARAM, however, features Healing Relics dotted along the side of the map. The first champion to step on these green items will get a small amount of health, mana, and energy restoration, followed by another area-of-effect healing burst a few seconds later. Everybody inside the healing radius has a chance of being healed, whether on your team or the other team.

In ARAM, all champions come with a permanent Howling Abyss Buff.

  • Reduces Spell cooldowns by 40% 
  • Reduces all outgoing heals by 50% (self-heals not affected!)
  • Increases magic resist for melee champions by 20
  • Reduces damage received from distant sources by 15% for all units (champions and minions)

Wild Rift ARAM: Minion Speed Increase Mechanism

Minions in ARAM start to move faster as the game progresses. Here is a table to give you a clear understanding of the matter.

Game Time (minutes)Minion Speed
6 1/2+5
7 1/2+15
8 1/2+30
9 1/2+50

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