Wild Rift: All Game Modes Currently in the game

Here is a complete list with a detailed guide to all the available game modes in the famous MOBA game League of Legends Wild Rift.

League of Legends Wild Rift is the mobile adaptation of the famous PC game League of Legends. Wild Rift shares a lot of similar features with League of Legends. Wild Rift has also seen success since its release as it has millions of players playing the game every day around the world.

One such Wild Rift feature which is similar to League of Legends is the game modes that are available in the game. Many of them have already been featured in League of Legends before. Each of the game modes has a different objective to win.

wild rift gameplay
Credit: Riot Games

In this guide, we will provide you with a detailed guide to all the game modes in League of Legends Wild Rift along with everything that you need to know.

Wild Rift: Game Modes


This is the basic and most traditional way of playing the game. The players engage in a five-on-five team combat after choosing the champions they want to use for the match. The side that manages to fulfill the goal, which in this case is destroying the opponent nexus, first will emerge victorious from this match. Players who are searching for matches with minimal stakes may find these games to be an excellent option.

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The ranked and normal play modes have the same fundamental set of rules for playing the game. Both of these playthroughs adhere to the same set of rules and gameplay mechanics. Yet, each method of play has its own unique characteristics.

The primary distinctions between the various game modes are the procedures for choosing champions and the ways in which ranking points are awarded. Before the beginning of a ranked match, players will choose their champions using an S-draft structure. Under this style, selections will rotate between the two teams. This means that each champion will only appear once in each match.

One further significant distinction is that players’ rankings are reassessed after each ranked match, taking into account how well they did in those matchups. Players’ ranked matches determine whether they get additional points or lose points in the rankings.

Co-Op VS. AI

Co-op matches that take place against Artificial bots in the game are the primary focus of these games. The primary goal of gameplay in this mode is to become proficient with a certain champion and get used to a variety of play styles. Players who are just starting out in the game may utilize this mode to hone their skills by playing more and more matches until they become proficient in using a certain champion.


Custom matches are the matches that players can enjoy with their friends. This option enables users to compete against each other and their friends on the other side, making it a potentially extremely entertaining aspect of the game. Custom matches can also be used to host several tournaments.

Training Tool

Training Tool is exactly what it sounds like: a place for players to improve their skills, gain experience, and become more skilled in the game. Players are able to get rid of all of their cooldowns, spawn items whenever they want, and easily adjust a variety of settings so that they may test their limitations in a secure and managed situation.

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