Valorant Mobile Leaks Found on Google Play Store

Valorant mobile leaks on pc 2
Credit - Valorant Mobile

Valorant is currently the most grossing FPS shooter in the PC realm. So when the developers from RIOT games leaked that they are developing the game’s mobile version, the mobile game enthusiasts in the world were taken by storm. The mobile game community has gone berserk thinking about the possibility of playing Valorant on mobile phones.

Yesterday, the internet was surprised when screenshots of Valorant Mobile getting private tested on Google Play Store appeared. PRemoteTesting allows Google accounts permission to access the beta and test it out before it drops for everyone. Popular mobile game data miner “DANNY” posted the screenshots on Twitter, followed by a video showing how to access the private beta.

In the article below, we will break down what we know about the mobile version of VALORANT and much more.

Valorant mobile leaks on Google Play surfaced on Twitter

Credit – Twitter

Valorant Mobile was teased way back, but nothing as convincing as this surfaced in a long time. Now for sure, we can assume that the game is close to completion, and in a few months, we will be able to experience the same on our mobile phones.

While there’s no in-game look, it pushes the narrative that Riot is looking to start testing the mobile FPS sometime soon. However, since the initial announcement back in July 2021, little has been said about the project. Likewise, developers have been tight-lipped about the progress on Valorant Mobile.

Credit – Twitter

The leaked details section of Valorant Mobile confirms that those few users who have access to the game are under NDAs: “This is a work-in-progress prototype, and you are under NDA to not share any information with anyone outside of Riot or the other F&F participants.”

Since its debut, Valorant has been making waves in the competitive gaming space, with popularity for the game only continuing to grow as new maps, characters, and features continue to be added in by Riot.

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