Uno Mobile $600,000 Community Tournament Announced

Uno mobile wildcard community cup 2022
Credit - Uno Mobile

Uno Mobile is an excellent addition to the Card Games genre for mobile gamers. The game is highly enjoyable and player-friendly, like its real-world counterpart. The game allows everyone to enjoy their favorite card game on the go daily.

Recently Uno Mobile announced its first-ever community tournament. The tournament will have a huge prize pool, and everyone in the community will have a chance to win a prize. The tournament is named “UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series: Community Cup Debut.”

In this article, we will talk about this tournament and also how to participate in it, and the whole timeline of it. So give it a proper read to understand it completely.

Uno Mobile Wildcard Series

Sixteen Uno Mobile players are going to compete in this first event of the game’s latest tournament series, with over $600,000 in prizes available for the top Uno players. The tournament will be available in North America only.

Credit – Twitter

Players can participate by going to the Community Cup area of the Uno Mobile app. The in-game qualification will begin on November 24 and go until December 3. Every day during that time, players can attempt to qualify for the Community Cup by climbing up ranked ladders and accumulating points. At the end of each day, top-ranked players will advance to the next.

wild card cup lobby
Credit – Uno Mobile

The Grand Finale will take place on December 9. The Finale winner will be crowned the Community Cup Debut champion and receive $3,000. Second place will take home $1,000, and third and fourth will both get $500 of the prize pool. The tournament’s Grand Finale will be streamed on YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok on Uno Mobile’s official pages.

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