Tower of Fantasy: Ultimate Beginner Guide with Tips, Tricks, & Strategies to Level Up Fast

Tower of Fantasy is a new open-world sci-fi RPG game published by Level Infinite. The game takes place in the far future on the planet “Aida,” contaminated with potent radioactive energy called Omnium. The game is set at a time when Omnium destroyed the planet. Players explore and roam through the sci-fi world of Aida, fighting monsters as they advance through the story. Characters can be upgraded in Tower of Fantasy by earning XP through different activities.

Like every other ARPG, Tower of Fantasy also features a level-up system. Players can level up by exploring the map, finishing tasks and quests, and many more activities. They need to collect more exp to level up faster.

All players will start from level one when they begin playing Tower of Fantasy. They will naturally level up as they make progress in the game. But some players want to focus solely on upgrading their level faster. Doing so will make their character stronger as they level up. But leveling up more quickly will require a certain play-style optimization, as it is hard to level up following the normal progression. This article will discuss how to level up faster in Tower of Fantasy.

How leveling up works in Tower of Fantasy

The leveling system of the characters in Tower of Fantasy is known as the Wanderer Level. Players can level up their characters by gaining XP. XP is granted after completing quests or tasks in the game. The leveling process is also the same when it comes to Simulacra characters. Players need to earn XP to upgrade their simulacra and unlock powerful weapons and skills. In addition, upgrading characters will also boost the strength and abilities of the characters.

There is a daily level cap active in Tower of Fantasy right now. On the first day, players can only reach level 18; on day 2, they can reach level 24. After that, the level cap keeps increasing as players continue to play regularly. Any XP earned after the level cap is filled will not be added to the player stats. So farming XP, even after reaching the level cap, will only be a waste of time for the players.

Leveling up will also increase the Combat Score of the players. Combat Score helps the players to unlock new features of the game. In addition, leveling up will also increase the characters’ stats, such as health, damage, endurance, crit rate, etc. Increasing the stats will make the character more efficient on the battlefield.

Reaching the daily level cap might be a challenging thing to do. Leveling up in Tower of Fantasy requires a lot of your time. So if you want to level up and hit the daily level cap quickly, here are some tips.

Beginner Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Focus on the main campaign

The primary and easiest way to earn XP in Tower of Fantasy is to finish the main storyline. The campaign includes several missions for the new players. Completing the missions throughout the campaign can give the players a bunch of XP.

The whole campaign of the game is divided into three chapters. Each chapter includes a specific amount of missions. Finishing all the tasks of a chapter will grant the players access to the new chapter. Players can gain a lot of XP by completing these missions and chapters.

Explore around the map

Credit: Level Infinite

Roaming around the map and exploring ruins can grant the players a huge amount of XP. Several parts of the map have remained unlocked since the beginning of the game. Players need to roam and explore around the map to find these areas. Exploring the unlocked regions can be a good source of getting XP from the game.

Fighting and killing enemies while exploring the world of Aida can also provide the players with additional XP. They can also open chests while exploring and roaming around the map to gain additional XP.

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Complete daily bounty missions

Credit: Level Infinite

Daily bounty missions are small missions given to the players daily. Finishing these bounty missions can also reward players with a good amount of XP. Players must complete the first chapter of Tower of Fantasy to unlock daily bounties.

Players need to go to the adventure menu to complete the bounties to find the missions. First, they must select the mission which they want to complete. The tasks will require them to kill certain monsters. Players will be granted XP and other rewards upon completing the missions. The bounty missions are refreshed daily.

Spend more Vitality

Credit: Level Infinite

Another way to get XP in the game is to spend more vitalities. Players can use Vitality to complete different adventure quests. Players have access to spend 180 vitality daily. Vitality also refreshes daily. Players can use these Vitalities to complete Joint Operation, Interstellar Exploration, and Dimensional Trials if available. Finishing these activities will award a good amount of XP, equipment, and upgrade materials.

Complete Raid Dungeons

Ruins can be found all over the world of Aida, with an unlockable feature. Exploring and unlocking the ruins will provide a lot of XP to the players.

There are a total of four ruin regions around the map. Astra Region, Banges Region, Navia Region, and Crown Region. Each region has three additional ruins. Each ruin comes with its difficulty, and the reward of XP is also given according to these difficulties. Players can gain more XP by playing on more intricate ruins. However, the harder ruins are unlocked only at higher levels.

Eat from Mia’s Kitchen

Credit: Level Infinite

Eating in Mia’s kitchen is one of the easiest ways of earning XP in Tower of Fantasy. The only thing players must do here is taste different dishes for XP. Players can access Mia’s kitchen from the Adventure Tab of the game. Tasting and eating new dishes will give the players a decent amount of XP.

Void & Frontier Events

The Void and Frontier are the tri-week events available in Tower of Fantasy. The Void Rift event is available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On the other hand, the Frontier Clashes event is live on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The event also gives a good amount of XP to the players. In these events, players must defeat the bosses to receive XP.

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