Tower of Fantasy: How to Level Up Quickly in 2022

Tower of Fantasy - Steam

The sci-fi Tower of Fantasy is an open-world 3D game developed by Hotta Studio that has been attracting players from all around the world. Like other games, the developers have implemented an experience system for players to level up their characters as they progress along the game.

Throughout the game, you will face many challenges. Overcoming these will level up your character and offer better gear items which will strengthen your character. The higher your character level and gear, the more powerful your character will be.

Now, there are many ways to level up in the game. Naturally, as you progress through the game, you will level up. However, if you’re looking for ways to upgrade faster and get stronger before you face the harder levels, then you’re in the right place. We have everything covered here from how to level up your character to upgrading your weapons.

Tower of Fantasy Levelling explained

Tower of Fantasy – Hotta Studio

In this game, players need to level up several things like the character level, weapon, suppressor, matrices, and the level of other items of your gear. The game also has a level gating mechanism, which limits your level at specific moments. This indicates you won’t be able to go past a certain level until that day arrives. It will be worthless to get any experience until the next level gate is available. When you achieve your account’s current maximum level (Level 18 for new accounts and characters), you will no longer be able to add more experience to your bar until the next daily reset. By the time you reach Level 44, that timeframe will become two resets. So keep that in mind when you’re grinding to level up.

Your weapon level

Tower of Fantasy Weapon – Exputer

Characters in the game have their unique weapons. These weapons can be upgraded in-game to give you an advantage over your opponent and keep you in the fight. They also have the means to obtain strength through Ascension. This approach is critical for defeating the game’s several powerful bosses. It’s also a major mechanic with many tasks tied to it.

Instead of providing you two of the same character when you obtain a duplicate character gacha, the game offers you a material that can be used to progress the weapon up a star each time, improving its attributes. If you have a duplicate gacha on a certain weapon, visit the Weapons Menu, identify the weapon in question in your selection screen, and click “Upgrade.” Click the “Advancement” option on the left from here, and if you have everything you need, click the Advancement button to raise your weapon to the next level. Only Simulacrum weapons can ascend, thus you’ll be out of luck if you try to improve the basic standard weapons you’re handed at the start. You’re likely to receive a few duplicate gacha draws while playing the game without spending any money.

Your suppressor level

Tower of Fantasy Suppressor – VG247

The Suppressor in Tower of Fantasy is an item that you will enhance over time in exchange for it improving your character’s stats. It’s also required for some in-game locales, and it must be upgraded to a particular level before you spend much time there. In places with strong amounts of radiation, for example, your suppressor must be V3.1 or greater. Each upgrade needs you to be of a certain level and to have plenty of Potent Omnium Crystals. Potent Omnium Crystals can be collected from a variety of tasks such as: Completing Ruins; Occasional story rewards from the Terminal and Wanderer’s Log; Occasional exploration rewards; Purchase from the Level 1 Crew Store; The reward for clearing the Bygone Phantasm.

Your matrices level

Tower of Fantasy Matrices – Pocket Tactics

Matrices are item sets that you can equip to each of your weapons to increase their stats, such as attack, resistance, and HP. They also offer unique bonuses when you equip a certain amount of matrices from the same set – usually two, three, or four, depending on the matrix rarity. You can equip a total of four matrices to each weapon – one in each category slot. Each category has its own fixed stats. They are:
Mind – HP and crit
Memory – attack and HP
Belief – attack and HP
Emotion – attack and resistance

To level up your Tower of Fantasy matrices, go to your weapons page’s matrices tab, choose the matrix you want to upgrade, then click ‘develop.’ Matrix data packs are required for creating matrices. These are available in a variety of rarities, with greater rarities providing more EXP for your matrices. Matrix data packets may be obtained from several sources, including password vaults, bounty missions, omnium beacons, and Mia’s Kitchen, or they can be purchased at the points shop. You can also sacrifice other matrices to enhance the one you prefer.

The level of other items of gear

Tower of Fantasy Gear – Gamezo

Early in the game, you can obtain a lot of major gear. Some of the slots in the equipment menu are for gear that can only be earned during certain raids in the game. The heads, shoulders, chest, wrists, belts, gloves, pants, and boots are available for the primary gear slots. If you want to improve any of your equipment, simply click on it and then on the upgrade button. Each level in between will require one sort of material to be upgraded, and every tenth level will require several different types. Another approach to enhance your equipment is to match it with another item of the same type to get experience.

How to level up quickly in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy – Level Infinite

The Campaign

The primary story campaign is the game’s best single source of significant experience gains. These quests yield the best XP rewards, and quickly going through them will be the key to getting up to speed with other players.

Opening Chests

Opening a chest grants players 1-2k EXP, Dark crystals, and other items. These chests may be found throughout the world, and some are even shared by users on the same server. Remember that while triangle and rectangle-shaped chests respawn, orb-shaped chests do not. In Tower of Fantasy, there are several varieties of chests.

Exploring Ruins

You only gain experience after clearing a Ruin for the first time, but each one has three difficulty levels, Easy, Medium, Hard. The tougher they are, the more equipped you should be. The experience they offer rises exponentially as they become more difficult, so return frequently as your level and CS rating increase to see if you can accomplish any on a higher difficulty.

Defeating enemies

If you’re performing errands in an area of the map where creatures are easily defeated, you might want to try wiping them out. Though this strategy does not award players with a lot of XP, it is a good passive way to boost your XP income.

Complete co-op challenges

Completing co-op missions like joint operations, dimensional trials, and interstellar exploration. These challenges award players with weapon leveling materials, batteries, and a lot of EXP. Players may obtain these rewards by finishing the challenge and claiming the 30 vitality awards.

Mia’s Kitchen

Players can go to Mia’s Kitchen three times each day, at 5:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 18:00 PM. Get Gold, meal boosts that last around 30 minutes and a lot of EXP as prizes. As many elements in the game are locked behind the experience wall, you need to level up to proceed in the game.

Daily Bounties

One of the most significant things a player must do if they want to advance swiftly. These four daily objectives take about 30 minutes to complete and provide gamers with a lot of EXP.