Tower of Fantasy: How to Get The Maglev Stalker & The Magnetic Rod

In Tower of Fantasy, players have to travel across huge distances to collect resources and finish quests. Fortunately, Tower of Fantasy features several vehicles. But the players must unlock these vehicles and mounts before they can use them.

Chaser is one of the six hidden vehicles available in Tower of Fantasy. Players need to collect two components to unlock this mount. They are the Magnetic Rod and Maglev Stalker. While collecting the Magnetic Rod is comparatively easy, players will need to grind a lot to collect the Maglev Stalker. It also requires a lot of luck due to its low drop rate.

Both components must be collected from different parts of the map. This article will show you how to collect the Maglev Stalker and the Magnetic Rod to build the chaser.

Credit: Hotta Studios

Maglev Stalker Location

The Maglev Stalker is one of the components required to unlock the chaser mount. This is an incredibly rare drop that can only be found in certain locations of the map.

To collect the Maglev Stalker, players need to defeat the Vermin brothers. The Vermin brothers are located at different parts of the map. Players must travel to various locations and fight the Vermin brothers, guarded by their Hyena factions. The fight against the Vermin brothers can be easy, but it requires a lot of luck for them to drop the Maglev Stalker.

Players need to keep cycling between the Vermin brothers, as they only spawn after a certain period of time. The Maglev Stalker has a drop rate of under 1%. So it is implausible that someone will get it very easily. There’s a 95% chance of green loot, a 4.5% chance of purple loot, and a 0.5% chance of vehicle loot. So, if you cannot get the Maglev Stalker from one of the Vermin brothers, rotate quickly to another one.

Vermin Brothers Locations

Gamma Mouse Squeaky

Credit: Hotta Studios
  • Coordinates: (-466.6, 972.3)

Gamma Mouse Squeaky can be found at Rats Den: Squeaky. It is located southeast of Astra Island. This stronghold can be found southwest of Barrenstown and at the east of the Crimson Pillars.

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Delta Mouse Jed

Credit: Hotta Studios
  • Coordinates: (0.8, 690.2)

Delta Mouse Jed can be found at Rats Den: Jed. This stronghold can be located in the southwestern region of the Banges area. It can be found within Anchorville, a landmark along the southern coast of the Banges region.

Alpha Mouse Mitch

Credit: Hotta Studios
  • Coordinates: (-953.0, -162.0)

Alpha Mouse Mitch can be found at Rat’s Den: Mitchell. This stronghold is located northeast of Banges along the coast. It is located near the beaches of Loen Dark, a landmark west of the region’s Omnium Tower. Along with Hyenas, the Treasure Guardian Mech Dogs also guard this stronghold, making it comparatively harder among all the strongholds.

Beta Mouse Ben

  • Coordinates: (-708.5, 3.5)

Beta Mouse Ben is the only wandering monster among the Vermin brothers. He wanders around the northeast of the Signal Station Ruins in northwestern Banges and keeps wandering around the highway along the Signal Station Ruins.

Magnetic Rod Location

Credit: Hotta Studios
  • Coordinates: (-831.5, 474.0)

Magnetic Rod can be found in the northern region of Astra, inside the Northern Ring Ranges. Players can collect the Magnetic Rod once they have cleared all the enemies in the stronghold.

After entering the stronghold, players will see a tower with several platforms. Players need to climb the tower to collect the Magnetic Rod. After entering the tower, players need to climb to the platform on the left side. Jetpack can also be used to fly to the platform.

After reaching the platform, players will need to climb the wall again. After climbing, they will see a glowing supply pod that contains the Magnetic Rod. The supply pod will also give Gold, XP, Dark Crystals, and Gold Nucleus along with the Magnetic Rod.

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