Tower Of Fantasy: Aida Cafe Event: Overview, Event Rewards, and More

Exciting new event in Tower Of Fantasy: Aida Cafe Event
Credit : Tower of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy is a trending action RPG game that has recently become very famous. The main reason for this game’s valiant success is that the developers regularly pour down new events and game-changing updates. This gives the old players new areas to discover and the beginners to fall in love with the game itself.

The newest event announced in Tower of Fantasy is the Aida Cafe event. This makes the players take on the role of a cafe manager and serve the customers to get good loot and rewards. All the players from level 17 and above are eligible to participate and claim the awesome loots from this event.

This article is all about the breakdown of this event. What to expect and how to play through this event. Hopefully, this will help you to get the most out of the Aida Cafe event in Tower of Fantasy.

The Aida Cafe event overview

The event was announced on Tower of Fantasy’s Twitter handle. During this event, join in by accepting the invitation to be the temporary store manager of the Aida cafe. Make sure you can live up to the customer’s satisfaction and watch out for the mystery customer.

Credit: Twitter

This event is from the 14th of September, 01:00 to the 28th of September 23:00, 2022. Players level 17 and above can participate in this event and earn rewards.


A range of rewards is announced, including the red nucleus, Special voucher, SSR relic box, Champion shopkeeper frame, and many more.

This event has surprised many players as they usually do not find such events in Gacha games. The event’s timing has also lined up with many more exciting updates coming to Tower of Fantasy.

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