Top 5 Idle Clicker Games for Android and iOS in June 2022

Mobile games have revolutionized the gaming industry in the last few years. With the battle royale craze in the handheld space, people are delving into mobile games in their free time. Aside from popular Battle Royale and Moba titles, more and more people are turning to idle clickers to pass the time while they are commuting to work.

This type of game is typically ideal for playing for a short duration and requires very little focus. Hence they are called idle clickers. These games are the perfect solution for many gamers who love to play games but have a scarcity of time. In short, they are more soothing and relaxing than other genres of interactive experiences.

People love to play these games as it is only about tapping on the screen that lets you perform specific actions with which you’ll be able to carry the game forward. Therefore, users don’t have to learn any complex strategies and tactics to play the game. With all of these in mind, we will show you the top 5 idle clicker games available on Android and iOS right now.

5 Idle Clicker Games to Play at the Moment

The idle clicker genre features games where players need to tap to gain in-game bonuses or currency. Those bonuses or achievements are used for buying/exchanging game perks. In most cases, the better things players earn, the better customization or equipment they get. In short, in these games, players will have to put less effort but will get more fun. These are your relaxation tools if you have short playing time and a busy schedule. Since many idle clicker games are available right now, picking the most interesting and unique one can seem daunting. So let us give you a hand in figuring out the five best idle clickers for iOS and Android.

Top 5 Idle Clicker Games:

  • Tap Titans 2
  • Egg, Inc
  • Bit City
  • AFK Arena
  • Tap Tycoon

1. Tap Titans 2

Image via: GameRiv

Tap Titan 2 is a polished, cleverly organized, simple yet addictive game by GAMEHiVE. This game is very addictive and fun to play that you’ll come back to and start tapping after every hour. This game is free-to-play, with over 10 million downloads on Google Play. The game is the most enjoyable idle clicker, based on our list. This title is playable both online and offline. The intuitive way of its gameplay will make players hooked.

In this RPG game, players have to upgrade gear, recruit pets and heroes, and then defeat Titan Lords. In this process, players get help from their clans. First, slay as many Titans as you like by simply tapping with your sword. Then, defeat the vicious beasts and level your ID up to kill more and more of them. So upgrade your heroes, tap fast and slay the Titans! The gameplay loop is as simple as it gets.

2. Egg, Inc

Image via: GameRiv

Tap, make chicken, get eggs, sell eggs and get money to get more eggs. That was Egg, Inc in one sentence. The game is another free one to get from Google Play or App Store. The 3D models of little white chickens spawning and running around make this game soothing for the eyes. Also, there are hundreds of challenges to try!

Being an awfully simple and unique experience, players will enjoy every bit of this game. This game won the Editor’s Choice award on Google Play Store, which is worth it. Players start with a simple “edible” egg, but as the game progresses, there’ll be options to upgrade to more advanced eggs and receive a lot more money from chickens. Players can tap on fly drones to collect rewards (cash or golden eggs). The game’s main objective is to make the most profitable egg farm. So grab your phone to download and establish the easiest chicken farm ever!

3. Bit City

Image via: GameRiv

Create a city only by tapping and upgrading it to make the city your dreamland. Bit City, released in 2017, is one of the most highly rated idle games on the App Store. The developers NimbleBit did fine work making such a fun and easy city simulation game in the idle clicker genre. Bit City is a scenario-based game where players have to build a city to meet a certain population. After reaching the goal population, players can continue improving their city or move on to the next level. The later levels have more town layouts, more plots of land to build on, and new transportation options to build.

Bit City developers have done an amazing job creating an environment that will intrigue the players to come back and make that earning potential skyrocket continually. The game is a perfect city-making game without players having to fry their brains out. So sit back, build your town, and keep grinding!

4. AFK Arena

Image via: GameRiv

Among all the games we have discussed in this article, AFK Arena is the most tactical one. It is a game with lots of varieties. Players can select from many heroes and form a strong team. This game is a worthy rival to the best mobile games available.

AFK Arena has both PvE and PvP options. The PvP aspect of AFK Arena is decent. Players will get matched with opponents close to their current run. Since the game is trendy, competitors of all skill levels are always available. This game boasts appealing styling and clear graphics, and its gameplay is consistently better than other games of a similar genre. The game also has little space and system requirements. A must-try way to relax and use your brain.

5. Tap Tycoon

Image via: GAMEHiv

Tap Tycoon is another blockbuster idle clicker from GAMEHiV. Here players start a new game by simply tapping the screen. After that, they must gather all the notes falling from the sky and put them in their pockets. Once they have enough money, the player can purchase their first company, a restaurant, which produces a little additional revenue after a given time.

Players can also spend money to improve their earning potential or the amount of profit their businesses generate. Some upgrades allow business profits to be automatically collected, as well as skills that double business output and various other things. For example, investigate business opportunities and strike deals with interested investors. Additionally, players can alter the game’s attire and accessories to match their extravagant image. The basic idea is to tap to get money and then spend that money to get more. So why wait now? Get rich in the game just by tapping right away!

Here we tried highlighting the best idle clickers game on iOS and Google Play. Of course, there are a lot of fun games waiting to be played, but if you’re looking to chill and play some games, then these are the ones you should try at least once. So choose one of these games and thoroughly enjoy your free time!