Top 10 Best Battle Royale Games For Android & iOS in 2022

Best Battle Royale Games 2022
Photo Credit : Player Unknown's Battleground Mobile , Lightspeed & Quantum

The genre name Battle Royal was promptly taken from a Japanese action-thriller film of the same name, directed by – Kinji Fukasaku (Source: IMDB ). The concept is also similar to the movie, a handful of players are dropped in an area, and they battle it out till there’s only one person or a team left. But oh my!! , this genre has taken the gaming world by storm as titles like PUBG, FORTNITE, CALL OF DUTY, and many more were dropped for PC.

But worry not, mobile game enthusiasts, as the genre has also infected the mobile gaming universe. Developers are coming with new titles, and the Battle Royale scene for mobile has grown vastly in the past years. As new titles drop every now and then, players are utterly confused about what they should play.

But you don’t have to worry anymore as we’ve tried every single one out there and came up with the list of top 10 Best Battle Royale Games For Android & iOS in 2022. It was a tough choice to make as most of the games featured almost similar approaches to the game, but hence the games that are on this list are superior to their rivals in every aspect. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our list as we hope that you might find the perfect choice for your own Battle Royale adventure from here.

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Best Battle Royale Games For Android & iOS in 2022


ZombRoyale – End Game

ZombsRoyale takes the Battle Royale genre to the 2d platform. If you’re tired of those games with high graphical features and intense adrenaline-rushing scenarios and want something more simple but just as fun, then this is the game for you. The concept is quite simple. 100 players are dropped on an island, and the last one surviving will be victorious. There are also plenty of items like guns, ammunition, and medical supplies to loot. The modes feature solo, duo, or a 4-man squad. There are also other modes to explore as well. Available in both android and ios.

9. Knives out

Knives Out – NetEase Interactive Entertainment Limited

Knives out was probably one of the earlier adaptations of the Battle Royale games for mobile. But it was the best one available back when other big-name competitors weren’t around, and it featured great gameplay mechanics paired with gorgeous visuals. That’s why there’s still a considerable number of regular players still active in this game. You can play as a solo, duo, or a 5-man squad. You can also play the 50vs50 sniper mode and other interesting modes. It’s available on both android and ios.

8. Zooba

Zooba – Wildlife Studios

Zooba takes a whole new approach to the Battle Royale genre. Firstly, it’s an isometric game, meaning you play the game from the top view. The graphics are cartoonish and fun, and the gameplay offers a similar interesting twist as you can choose from 20 fun and unique character. Each with its own visual distinction and abilities. You can play solo or play in a team against 45 other players. It’s available on both android and ios.

7. FOG

FOG – Playneta Limited

FOG features a very unique and distinctive approach to the Battle Royale genre on mobile as it takes the element of classic RPG, swordfight, and magic and puts them in Battle Royale. It features classic MOBA-like control in a Battle Royale scenario. This game is sure to be a head turner for anyone who wishes to try something new. It’s available on both android and ios.

6. Pixel’s Unknown Battleground

Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds – Azur Interactive Games Limited

This game is unique and probably has one of the best pixel graphics of all mobile games out there currently. You can say it’s basically PUBG but pixelated. Only the visuals and graphics can be a game changer by themselves. The game is like the other Battle Royales. You drop on an island and be the last man or team surviving. Also, there are other fun modes to explore. Available on both android and ios.

5. Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Moblie – Electronic Arts

One of the biggest Battle Royale games from PC makes its way to mobile. Apex Mobile offers the players the same fast-paced taste as Battle Royale but with much more simplified control. Jump in the arena solo or with your friends, use your abilities wisely, and bring home the title of Apex Champions. The game also showcases console-like graphics and immersive visuals. It’s available on both android and ios.

4. Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite Mobile – Epic Games

Whether you love it or hate it, Fortnite has been one of the biggest names in the world of Battle Royale games. With the unique twist of building structures, it has been a top title for PC for a long time. Now it has made its way to mobile. The same arena and same gameplay loop with intuitive controls made it a standout. Hop on the school bus with your friends or solo and shoot and build your way to the victory title while being amazed by its fluid and console-like graphics and visuals. Available on both android and ios.

3. Garena Free Fire

Free Fire – Garena

You just love it or hate it if you’re a mobile game enthusiast. There’s no in-between. But everyone will agree that Free Fire was the first ever successful Battle Royale game for mobile phones, whether it’s low spec requirements. Or its beginner-friendly game mechanics. Free Fire has been one of the top dogs of the Battle Royal genre for mobile. Its constant updates, new modes, and millions of players playing daily, the game has a good future ahead for sure. The game is available on both android and ios.

2. Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile – Activision, Infinity Ward

Right off the bat, the main thing about this game is that it’s optimized beyond words. Like this is probably the most optimized game for mobile right now out there. You can play this game on any device. With the perfect setting, the game will run like butter smooth. Besides that, the game looks and feels like the real call of duty which was initially launched for PC. The graphics and visuals are stunning, and the control is fluid. And the gameplay is more polished than its competitors. A vast array of modes, guns, and unique operator abilities make the game enjoyable for anyone. Available for both android and ios.

1. Player Unknown’s Battleground Mobile (PUBG Mobile)

PUBG mobile – Lightspeed & Quantum

This is probably the undisputed king of Battle Royale game for mobile. The first name that comes to any mobile game enthusiast’s mind when they hear the term Battle Royale. This game has been successful on every front. They have a gargantuan player base as the game receives constant updates from the developers. Also, it has a successful e-sports scene for enthusiasts. And about the game? The game runs on Unreal Engine, making it one of the if not the best-looking game on mobile. The controls are easy and user-friendly, and the modes are constantly changing. There’s no getting bored if you have PUBG mobile on your phone. So hop on the plane with your friends or solo and fight your way to that juicy WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!! Available on both android and ios.

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That sums up our choice for the Top 10 Battle Royale Games for Android and iOS in 2022. They are a good choice just to pass the time, or to have a good time with your friends. Hopefully, you’ll find your suitable and favorite Battle Royale Game from our pick.