TikTok Announces Platform-Based Gaming Channel for Gamers

tiktok gaming channel 2022
Credit -TikTok

TikTok is the most extensive and fastest-growing short video hosting service. It is based in China and growing as the biggest platform for short video content creators. It is a platform for all sorts of videos, from gaming to pranks and tutorials.

TikTok is looking forward to starting a gaming-based platform on its own. They will feature their own platform-based games that the users can play and post clips regarding them. This is a service that has been seen earlier on platforms like Facebook and Snapchat.

This is excellent news for game enthusiasts, who can enjoy and play games on TikTok and post clips about them. The world is poised to see what they have in store, and the article is all about what we know till now and what to expect from this big step by TikTok.

TikTok Platform-Based Gaming

Following in the footsteps of streaming giant Netflix, which launched mobile games last year, TikTok is taking steps to launch its mobile games. It will bring forth games that users can enjoy, TikTok can also show ads to earn revenue, and users can pay for in-game purchases and additional content.

Credit – TikTok

McKinsey manager and Intel system architect Assaf Sagy was appointed as TikTok’s new head of the global gaming division last month. In one of his LinkedIn posts, he stated that ‘TikTok and Gaming are made for each other thoroughly.’

“TikTok Made Me Play It” event is coming on 2 November, and it is expected that the new Gaming Endeavors from TikTok will start from there. The company has notified the event also as “First Gaming Event from TikTok.”

That’s all that we know. So, for now, everyone is poised and looking forward to seeing what TikTok will come up with, and we will keep you guys Up to date about this as well.

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