The Taliban will Ban PUBG in Afghanistan for being too Violent for the People

Pubg mobile ban in afghanistan
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PUBG is probably the most trending mobile game out there currently. With a vast e-sports scene and millions of players pouring in daily, the game has cemented itself as the biggest e-sports-based mobile game of all time.

The whole mobile gaming world was shaken when the news was leaked that PUBG: Mobile would be banned in Afghanistan within the next 90 days. The Taliban imposed the rule, and they showed the cause that the game shows off too much violence and is unsuitable for the people there. The world is in a considerable debate regarding the decision.

This article will discuss all that we know about the news and the possible future for gaming in the country.

PUBG Mobile
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PUBG and TikTok are going to be banned in Afghanistan

PUBG Mobile and TikTok will be banned in Afghanistan within 90 days after the country’s Ministry of Telecommunications had a conference with members of the security industry and the Sharia Law enforcement agency.

Credit – Khaama Press Twitter

According to Afghan news source Khaama Press, the Taliban has agreed to put the TikTok ban into force in a month, although the PUBG Mobile ban could take up to 90 days. According to reports, the Afghan government has informed the nation’s internet and telecommunications service providers of the impending ban and that it must be implemented following the schedule.

The Taliban had previously blocked access to more than 23 million websites for Afghan citizens before the announcement regarding the ban on PUBG Mobile and TikTok. The temporary administration claimed that the websites showed what they considered immoral material.

Time and time, battle royale games have been put on the crosshair due to their alleged “violent” gameplay. They have also been accused of promoting addiction in the youth, especially children. In most cases, lawmakers decide on a nationwide ban on the game rather than taking preventive measures to restrict addiction in youth playing the game.

PUBG Mobile and Warframe Collaboration
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