Diablo Immortal: Best Monk build in 2022

Monk Class Build
Image Credit: Blizzards Entertainment

Diablo Immortal has intrigued us with its build varieties and class diversities. Consequently, this mobile adaptation of the beloved Blizzard classic has made us confused regarding which class we should actually go for. In this case, we are back again with another super easy guide for the best Monk build in Diablo Immortal.

Like most of us, whether we play solo or not, we have to remember that Diablo Immortal comes with microtransactions. But aside from all the egregious monetization schemes, the core gameplay loop will surely make you feel like you are getting an AAA experience for your handheld devices.

Similar to other classes, the Monk is yet another intense class that we have all been wondering how it will turn out in-game. The Monk is the way to go if you want to take control of spiritual power and unleash your wrath with melee attacks.

Best Ways to Play as the Monk

Knowing how the other classes had their range of movements, the Monk is very agile. One thing that dwells in our minds is, is it any easier than the Demon Hunter? The answer is yes. It is way more feasible to play as the Monk over the Demon hunter.

That being said, the Monk is a formidable adversary in PvE. However, it is not well suited for PvP. To know what key upgrades you need to make in order to dominate with this class, follow our guide, of course!

Some really interesting finds with the Monk

Using the Monk, you get some cool addition to the course of your gameplay:

  • Good upgrades start from paragon Lvl 30 so that you do not need to rely on microtransactions
  • Greater helm drop rates.

The Monk has been everyone’s way out to success for a more feasible yet challenging gameplay experience. But that shouldn’t stop us from anything. So basically, the optimal way to make use of this class is by being mobile and attacking your enemies head-on while also keeping an eye out for ambushes.

Best Skills for the Monk Class

The Monk is one of the most curiosity-fueled classes that we could ever think of trying out. To last a dungeon with ease at the very least, we need to have a formidable build for it. This time with the Monk, we will take a bigger trip on incorporating a bounty/drop reeling build.

The Striker Build with Abilities

The striker build is primarily used by incorporating the “Seven-Sided Strike” as your main damage dealer. A very key and important skill for this build. You must have these skills unlocked to incorporate them into this build.

  • Seven-Sided Strike(Unlocks at Level 8)
  • Cyclone Strike(Unlocks at Level 1)
  • Exploding Palm (Unlocks at Level 24)( Secondary damage dealing)
  • Mystic Strike(Unlocks at Level 15) (Great for agile retreating)

The Striker build, as we call it, is feasible as most PvE will require you to solo play with the Monk for most of the time. With it, you can level up and destroy your enemies with relative ease. It is a good blend of both speed and brawling. You can also nab yourself some legendary items in the process, including helms and other valuable drops.

Best Gears for the Monk Class

For most builds, you must have several things that should amplify you and help you fight through the tough scenes of the missions you undertake.

Dragons indignation (Main handed)

With this, you get a burn effect on your enemies and deal extra damages with a boost of 700 damage with this item. On the plus side, you can also get a cooldown reduction.

Min handed weapon for the Monk of the legendary type

Ice Upon the Blosson

The Ice upon the blossom looks like a claw-like gauntlet that enables another set of 700 damage before the Dragon’s Indignation. With this, you can also decrease the cooldown for Seven-Sided Strike by 10%.

Crippling Insight

This legendary headpiece will not only increase a great number of attributes, but it will also increase your “Exploding Palm” ability by +1. The cool down for it will be decreased by 10%.

Discipline’s Weight

The Discipline’s Weight is the shoulders that you can use in favor of your Striker build as the ability gets a 10% boost and has a 10% cooldown rate for it as well.

Breath of Insense

Adds a ton of extra stats while decreasing cooldowns of Exploding Palm by 10%.

Path of the Storm

The path of the storm is ideal for situations where you need to pull off strategic support. This gives you a chance to receive 20% less damage and a 10% decrease in cooldown for Cyclone Strike.

Best Gems for The Monk Class

There are several basic and legendary gems that you can receive in-game by finding them in various dungeons or in the levels of Hell.

  • Chained Death

This gem is a legendary gem that increases your attributes significantly by a +15 to resonance and +8 Combat rating, and many more.

  • Blessing of the Worthy

This legendary gem is one of the most godsend gems Diablo Immortal has to offer, and with the Monk, you may or may not find it around Hell-1-2.

Where to Spend your Paragon Points for the Monk Class?

The paragon points will help you further guide yourself towards the things you want based on your choice of the skill tree. For instance, to most of us, the Paragon point skill tree is crucial for the endgame. Furthermore, upon completing your desired skill tree with paragon points, you can spend them to attain many legendaries and also many unique abilities.

For the Monk, the Treasure hunter tree is the way to go. You can easily get big buffs with your items this way, and it is still by far the easiest to complete around Paragon level 50.

Diablo Immortal Paragon page
  1. Survivor (Unlocks at level 1)
  2. Vanquisher (Unlocks at level 1)
  3. Treasure Hunter (Unlocks at level 50)
  4. Gladiator (Unlocks at level 100)
  5. Soldier (Unlocks at level 100)
  6. Mastermind (Unlocks at level 150)
Paragon skill tree menu, Diablo Immortal iOS


The striker build is no doubt the easiest build you can get by with in a breeze for playing both PvP and PvE. It is absolutely balanced with both strength and speed. Each item will greatly work with the other in order to get the best out of the Monk Class in Diablo Immortal 2022.