Sunrise Village Halloween Event: Everything You Need to Know

Sunrise village halloween event 2022
Credit - Sunrise Village

Sunrise Village, a household farming simulator game by InnoGames, is a vibrant escape into a magical, entertaining, and mystifying setting. The game is one of the most popular farming games out there right now. The game has grown in popularity due to its picturesque visuals and soothing environmental settings with a hint of magic and mysticism.

With the most anticipated event of October, Halloween, on the horizon, Sunrise village has set up a grand event. The game has got a complete new overlook with the new update of the game. The event also looks promising and gives the players a chance to earn various in-game rewards to collect and missions to complete.

In this article, we will break down the event and let you know what to expect from it and how to utilize it properly. So give the article a thorough read.

Sunrise Village Halloween Event

Because of the Halloween ambiance luring them into the Dawn Village to wreak malicious havoc, the neighboring forest’s wisps grow braver than regular throughout this Halloween occasion, 2022. To help the villagers capture and calm the unruly spirits, gamers should arm themselves. This year’s occasion lasts from October 13 to November 3, 2022.

Sunrise Village haloween wisps
Credit – InnoGames

While trying to get the city prepared for the yearly Halloween celebrations, the villagers want help to maintain the spooky spirit at bay. By finishing goals, players obtain nets that can seize the annoying supernatural bugs. And keep them at a distance from the village and the villagers.

The event’s Grand Prize is the Haunted Wisp House. The Wisps will enjoy hanging around in this intriguing
structure. It has a maximum upgrade of 20 levels and can yield ten distinct types of prizes in addition to an
increasing number of resources as it advances through the stages.

The Halloween Event, which has 138 distinct missions to complete, is the most recent in a long line of
entertaining and imaginatively created Events happening in Sunrise Village. Developing quests and brand-new challenges appear during the event to keep things fresh. Other special prizes available during this event include Halloween character gear and spooky limited-edition structures like the Black Cat in the Pumpkin.

Sunrise village halloween prizes
Credit – InnoGames

That’s all that is to know about the event for now. The event will be exciting as this is mostly a fresh and new type of event for the game, and the players are excited to see what the game has in store for them later on.

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