Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross will Collaborate with Popular Anime Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World

Seven Deadly SIns x Re zero collab
Credit: The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Twitter

One of the most popular action RPG game from Netmarble, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross’ is collaborating with popular anime Re: ZERO – Starting Life in another world. This event brings new characters to the game and gets a complete new rework through the collaboration event.

All the Shenanigans that are Coming in the Upcoming Event

New Re: Zero Characters, Witch of Greed Echidna, and The Master Swordsman Reinhard have been added to the popular anime series game roster. 7DS X Re: Zero Collab will feature Collab Draw, where Players will have the opportunity to draw 7DS X Re: Zero Collab heroes, including newly added characters from this latest game update. SSR tier characters are also guaranteed at 300 mileage, while 7DS X Re: Zero Collab heroes are guaranteed at 600.

7DS X Re: Zero Collab Check-in rewards will be available across 14 days, and Players who complete the 14-day check-in will receive SSR Twin Maid Ram, the Super Awakening Coin, and other rewards.

Credit – Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Twitter.

7DS X Re: Zero Special Mission, where players will enter five different missions and complete them to earn Twin Maid Rem and 10 Collab Encore Pick-up Tickets.

7DS X Re: Zero Re: Britannia Collab Story is a new 7DS X Re: Zero Collab story mode. Players can experience different endings based on their choices, and various rewards will be offered based on the ending, including the SSR Guaranteed Ticket.

The Great Rabbit: A new boss battle has been added for this 7DS X Re: Zero Collab content update. Great Rabbit’s Fragmented Horn, earned by clearing the boss, can be traded for a  Rem / Beatrice costume or the UR Evolution Pendant at the Exchange Shop.

Seven Deadly SIns x Re Zero Collab
Credit: Netmarble

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