SEGA to Acquire Angry Birds Developer Rovio for $1 Billion

Angry Birds Rovio
Credit: Rovio

Popular Angry Birds game developer studio Rovio is set to be acquired for a $1 billion deal by SEGA.

Remember 2009 when mobile devices with big screens were getting more popular day by day? All of a sudden, a game about some angry birds and pigs dispute became popular. The story of the game goes something like this, There are some birds living peacefully when suddenly, the green pigs steal their eggs.

Now the birds are angry, and they want to get their eggs back. But in order to get the eggs back from the pig king, the birds have to go through different stages. Each stage has structures and pigs inside them, and the birds deploy a plan to shoot themselves using a slingshot and eliminate the pigs and destroy the structures. The different colored birds also had different abilities, and some of them could be activated to destroy structures more easily.

In 2009, the Finnish game studio Rovio released angry birds for iOS and Maemo devices. The game instantly got popular, and everyone started to craze over it. By the end of 2010, 12 million copies of Angry Birds were sold on iOS. The developers then released the game on other operating systems devices such as Android, Symbian, Windows, Blackberry, and PC.

The second installment of the Angry Birds series, Angry Birds 2, came out back in 2015 for Android and iOS. Later movies, cartoons, and children’s shows came out, catering to millions of fans of the title. Critics say the main success strategy for Angry Birds was the addicting gameplay and comical style. The original Angry Birds game was dubbed the most successful mainstream game of 2010.

And now another gaming giant SEAG is apparently planning an acquisition of Rovio, the development studio that made Angry Birds for $1 Billion.

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SEGA to Acquire Angry Birds Developer Rovio

According to a recent report by Wall Street Journal, SEGA is currently in talks to acquire Rovio. The deal could take place by next week if everything goes according to plan. According to sources, the deal could be for $1 Billion.

There is no doubt that SEGA, being a gaming giant in Japan has the kind of money to complete the deal. SEGA is a popular multinational brand responsible for games like Sonic, Bayonetta, The House of the Dead, Guilty Gear, and such.

Many on the internet were surprised because the glory days of Angry Birds and Rovio are a thing of the past. They are asking questions like, What is the point of acquiring Rovio now? What does SEGA plan to do after acquiring Rovio in 2023?

Honestly, SEGA probably has a plan on what they intend to do after acquiring Rovio. They are not just doing it on a whim as we are talking $1 billion here. We will be on the edge of our seats to find out what SEGA has in store for us if the acquisition is successful.

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