Riot Games Suing Hyperfront for its Similarity to VALORANT

Riot Games Suing Hyperfront 2022
credit - Riot

Copyright infringing in the gaming universe is nothing new. Games are accustomed to seeing their plans and models being used in other 3rd party games or apps in order to gain profit without even giving them the due credit for parts of the profit.

Riot Games has filed multiple lawsuits against Chinese publisher NetEase, alleging that its mobile shooter HyperFront infringes on the copyright of its own title, Valorant. Polygon reports Riot has filed suits in the UK, Germany, Brazil, and Singapore.

In this article, we will talk all about this incident and what is going on around it.

Hyperfront Infringement Claims

All of Riot’s Lawsuit focus on similarities between the two titles when it comes to characters, maps, weapons, weapon skins, and even weapon statistics.

In its filing, shared by Polygon, Riot Games claims that the development of Hyper Front began in March 2020 and that the game entered open beta in August 2021 as Project M, with the full game launched in January 2022. Riot Games has previously issued complaints to NetEase about similarities between the game, giving the example of Valorant’s hero Omen, and Hyper Front’s Nemesis.

NetEase addressed these complaints, including redesigning this character, but Riot Games still believes the Hyper Front hero, as well as many other aspects of the game, still infringes on its rights. The latest lawsuit was dismissed by a US court last month, which ruled that the dispute should be settled in China.

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