PUBG Mobile Global Chicken Cup Featuring Lionel Messi

PUBG mobile x lionel messi 2022
Credit - Pubg Mobile

PUBG is probably the most trending mobile game out there currently. With a vast e-sports scene and millions of players pouring in daily, the game has cemented itself as the biggest e-sports-based mobile game of all time.

Pubg mobile will collaborate with one of the greatest footballers of all time, Lionel Messi. Messi recently posted on Twitter and his Facebook page that the collab is final, and the events and rewards will be featured in the upcoming game update.

This article will discuss all we know about collaboration and what to expect from it. Also, what to expect from the game in the upcoming season. So read the article thoroughly to understand everything.

Pubg Mobile x Lionel Messi: Global Chicken Cup

Theme Park Changes

pubg mobile theme park football
Credit – PUBG Mobile

The Theme Park of PUBG mobile will get a new visual rework. The park will get a football-themed visual and accessories to have fun will your friends. The visible changes will surely be a head-turner, and the players will surely enjoy their time here with their friends while enjoying the aspects of football.

Lionel Messi as Global Chicken Cup Captain

Credit – Pubg Mobile

Lionel Messi has announced himself as the captain of the Global Chicken cup of PUBG mobile. This also marks the biggest collaboration of the game’s long run. Also, this is probably the biggest collaboration in any mobile game’s history.

Map Changes in Patch 2.3

All the maps in the PUBG mobile currently will have a massive visual overhaul. All the maps will have a football-themed graphics update. Also, players can do various activities in the game to win in-game cosmetics and other rewards. The pre-game lobby will also feature a football-themed overhaul.

pubg mobile x lionel messi
Credit – PUBG mobile

With this update, Erangel, Aftermath, and Livik will experience substantial modifications in addition to the
football-themed content. Aftermath will receive a total makeover, including extensive updates to the map,
armor, weapons, energy system, and more. New gameplay features are also being included to
keep battles exciting and fun. Players will also notice adjustments and tweaks to the other maps, such as
adding more weather effects to Livik.

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