Pokemon Unite S12 Battlepass Revealed Gardevoir and Gengar Chrismas Chrismas Holowear

Gardevoir and Gengar Chrismas Chrismas Holowear 2022
Credit - Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is one of the fastest-growing MOBA games from the Pokemon franchise. It continued to be a hit since its launch in the Summer of last year. Plenty of fan-favorite creatures have been added to the game, which all fill a unique role, offering something for Pokemon fans, hardcore MOBA players, and a mix of the two.

It’s no surprise that Pokemon Unite is consistently updated as time goes on, with new characters for fans to try in the game. Also, new game modes and cosmetics are added to make the fans enjoy the game even more. The new season 12 battle pass revealed Gardevoir and Gengar Chrismas Chrismas Holowear.

In this post, we will talk about the holowears and how to obtain them. So give this a proper read to understand everything that you need to know.

Gardevoir and Gengar Chrismas Holowear

The featured rewards for the upcoming Pokemon UNITE Season 12 Battle Pass have been revealed through an unlisted video from the Japanese YouTube channel of the game. In the video, rewards such as two Holowears and a character costume have been revealed as well as other gameplay footage of the said cosmetics.

pokemon unite gradevoir and gengar
Credit – Pokemon Unite

Gengar’s upcoming holowear is a Christmas-styled design that celebrates the special occasion. It remains to be clarified at which node it will be present. Gardevoir’s holowear is much more refined in design. Some suggest that the designers have taken inspiration from Disney.

pokemon unite winter cosmetics
Credit – Pokemon Unite

Aside from the holowears, players will also be able to acquire trainer skins that look very distinct in these videos. These cosmetic items can be equipped in-game, allowing them to stand out from the rest.

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