Pokemon Unite New Snow Mode Leaked

pokemon unite snow 2022
Credit - Pokemon unite snow mode

Pokemon Unite is one of the fastest-growing MOBA games from the Pokemon franchise. It continued to be a hit since its launch in the Summer of last year. Plenty of fan-favorite creatures have been added to the game, which all fill a unique role, offering something for Pokemon fans, hardcore MOBA players, and a mix of the two.

It’s no surprise that Pokemon Unite is consistently updated as time goes on, with new characters for fans to try in the game. Also, new game modes and cosmetics are added to make the fans enjoy the game even more. The new mode that the leakers of the game have leaked is the Snow Battle Mode, and there are some brand new items for this mode only.

In this article, we will discuss everything that we know about the new game mode and what to expect from it. So give this article a proper read to be ready for the new game mode that is coming soon in the game.

Pokemon Unite Snow Mode

It is not yet sure what the snow mode might feature. But it is sure that it will be associated somewhat with Christmas. Also, the most probable fan theory suggests that the map will be covered in snow, and some freezing or slowing environmental aspect will join with it.

New Items

1. Freeze Ball

Credit- Pokemon Unite

The battle item creates a freezing zone, decreasing the movement speed of opposing Pokémon that enter it. Opposing Pokémon remaining in the zone for a set amount of time is frozen. This seems like an upgrade of the Slow Smoke item, only with the frozen effect at the end. This item also hints towards the probable addition of Snowball fighting events in Quick battles. itis highly likely that such fights would take place in Shiver City.

2. Electro Wall

Credit- Pokemon Unite

This item creates an impenetrable wall of electricity that disappears after a set amount of time. Pokémon from the opposing team that comes in contact with the wall is left unable to act. Well, this looks like a mix-up between Mr. Mime’s wall and Zeraora’s stun moves. This might also have something to do with Zapdos in some Quick Battle.

3. Teleport Button

Credit- Pokemon Unite

This item will teleport the Pokémon to the designated area after a set amount of time passes. With gamers across social media claiming this to be an Eject Button with a bit longer steps, this would undoubtedly be the favorite among the three Snow Mode Battle items added. Using this across a mini-map would be massive.

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