Pokemon Unite Leaks: Two New Pokemon and New Game Mode Revealed

Pokemon Unite Leaks Explained
Credit - Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is one of the most growing MOBA games from the Pokemon franchise. It continues to be a hit since its launch in the Summer of last year. Plenty of fan-favorite creatures have been added to the game, which all fill a unique role, offering something for Pokemon fans, hardcore MOBA players, and a mix of the two.

It’s no surprise that Pokemon Unite is consistently updated as time goes on, with new characters for fans to try in the game. Also, new game modes and cosmetics are added to make the fans enjoy the game even more.

The game will be adding yet another mode to the game soon, as well as a few new Pokemon. In this article, we will discuss everything that we know about the game.

Pokemon Unite Leaks Explained

Since the last update, Pokémon Unite has clarified that they are focusing on making the game more competitive. Like many other MOBAs like League of Legends, the Ban-Pick Mode is coming to Pokemon Unite. What this mode does is it makes the players vote and choose to ban certain Pokémon.

Pokemon unite leaks image 1
Credit – ElChicoeevee Twitter

The leak also reveals that if there’s a tie in the vote count, either of the winning Pokémon may be banned randomly. The leak further indicates that you may also request everyone not to ban a certain Pokémon you might want to play with. Consequently, only the player who requested might play with that Pokémon.

New Playable Pokemons

The leaks have also revealed two Pokémon coming to the roster. This involves a speedster yet again and another Supporter besides Clefairy. Now, rumors and speculations have revealed the other supporter, which is supposed to be the Dark/Ghost-Type Sableye.

Pokemon unite leaks Sableye
Credit – Pokedex

The other Pokemon is the Dark-Type from Generation V, Zoroark. It would be having a pre-evolutionary phase in Zorua, too, and playing the role of a Speedster. The beta-test gameplay video reveals Zoroark and Zorua to have the ability of Illusion. This ability helps the Pokémon to take the shape of any other Pokémon visible for a short time. It may be a friendly, enemy, or Wild Pokémon.

Pokemon unite leaks Zoroark
Credit – Pokedex

The new game mode and the addition of the new pokemon will make the game much more interesting, and new players are sure to pour in. That will solidify the future of the game for sure.

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