Pokémon Unite: How To Play Boss Rush with Tips & Tricks

pokemon unite bosss rush, how to play boss rush
Credit: Pokemon Unite

Pokemon UNITE is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that is free to play. It was developed and published by TiMi Studio and The Pokemon Company. Players must gather experience points and place them on specific goal zones in the MOBA game’s 5v5 mode. The winning team is the one that completes all of the goal zones or is in the lead when the game’s timer expires.

Boss Rush mode is the newest game mode that has been added to the game. It is one of the quick battles available in the game with a PvE battle. Like other quick battles, Boss Rush also has a time limit of 5 minutes. Players need to defeat boss Pokemon around the map in this mode.

Boss Rush requires players to battle a tough Boss Pokémon three times in waves over the course of five minutes. Characteristics of the Boss are altered by Casual, Intermediate, and Extreme difficulties. Each of the five players must fight and beat the boss Pokemon separately.

In this article, we will discuss how to play Boss Rush in Pokemon UNITE, along with the best tips and tricks for this mode.

How to play Boss Rush in Pokemon UNITE

Boss Rush is a time-limited mode in Pokemon UNITE that can only be played when the mode is available in the game. Here are the detailed steps on how to play boss rush mode in Pokemon UNITE:

  • Open Pokemon UNITE from your homepage
  • A boss rush icon will be available on the home screen while the mode is active. Press on the icon to get into a Boss Rush match.
  • Boss rush can also be played from the menu. Click on the menu and then head onto UNITE Squad.
  • You will find the boss rush mode in that menu. Click on the boss rush to begin the match.

Tips and tricks for Boss Rush mode in Pokemon UNITE

Pick the best Pokemon for Boss Rush

slowbro pokemon unite
Credit: The Pokemon Company

The key to winning matches in boss rush mode is selecting the proper Pokemon in your team. The best Pokemon to use in boss rush mode are Slowbro, Gardevoir, Delphox, Decidueye, Blissey, etc. These Pokemon deal comparatively higher damage than other Pokemon, making it easier for the trainers to defeat the boss Pokemon.

Get behind Zapdos and Articuno during their attack

With attacks like Brave Bird and Ice Beam, Zapdos and Articuno can deliver significant damage to your team. Moving behind during their attack is a good technique to save yourself from damage. Taking cover when needed and attacking simultaneously will make it easier for the players to clear this wave.

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Make the best use of berries

Berries will periodically spawn throughout the map during the whole battle. Whenever you are low on health, use berries to regenerate your health. However, wasting these berries by recovering unnecessary health can cause trouble for your teammates when they might need them.

Fill up the stun meter

Each Boss Pokemon has a Stun meter under its health bar. Once filled, the meter will leave the Pokemon stunned for a short period. It creates a massive opening for the players to coordinate their attacks and take down the Boss Pokemon fast.

Include healers and defenders in your team

blissey pokemon unite
Credit: The Pokemon Company

The Boss Pokemon deals a massive amount of damage on the Pokemon of the trainers. To absorb this huge wave of damage, having a defender on your team is a must. Defenders typically have higher health points and can survive longer during the battle. On the other hand, having a healer is also a must during the battle as they can provide good support to the team by constantly healing them.

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