Pokemon UNITE Guide: How to Play Quick Battles

Pokemon UNITE is a free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed and published by TiMi Studio and The Pokemon Company. The game features a 5v5 MOBA mode where players must collect EXP and deposit the EXP on certain goal zones. The team who completes all the goal zones or leads after the match end timer wins the game.

Pokemon UNITE features four different game modes for the players. These are Ranked matches, Standard matches, Custom Battles, and Quick Battles. Ranked matches are battles with seasons where individual players are ranked. Standard matches are random 5v5 matches with no ranking points.

Quick Battles is another game mode available in Pokemon UNITE. As the name says, Quick Battles are quick matches with only 5 minutes of battle time. There are both 3v3 and 4v4 maps in Quick Battles. All the maps become active after a daily rotation. This mode also provides extra EXP considering the short time available for battle. Players can also upgrade their energy level pretty fast in this mode.

In this article, we will inform you everything you need about the intense game mode Quick Battles.

How to play Quick Battles is Pokemon UNITE

Players can unlock the Quick Battles mode by reaching level eight in Pokemon UNITE.

Quick Battles Maps

Mer Stadium

Credit: TiMi Studio

4v4 Quick Battles are played in the Mer Stadium. Mer Stadium is basically the smaller version of Remoat Stadium, with a similar layout. Like other Quick Battles maps, the match time in Mer Stadium is also 5 minutes.

Mer Stadium has a total of 3 goal zones per team. There are 2 outer goal zones and 1 base goal zone. Destroying all the outer goal zones will activate the base goal zone. Players can get slowly healed by staying inside the goal zones. When there is only 1 minute left in the game, any points scored in a Goal Zone will be doubled.

Credit: TiMi Studio

In Mer Stadium, Zapdos spawns 3 minutes after the battle begins. Once defeated, this Pokemon will not respawn again. On the other hand, Rotom spawns on the top and bottom lane of the map and has a respawn timer of 60 seconds.

Credit: TiMi Studio

Auroma Park

Credit: TiMi Studio

3v3 Quick Battles are played on the Auroma Park map. There are two goal zones in Auroma Park. Both teams will have to score in these goal zones. The goal zones will have no goal limit. Scoring a goal will activate a 2x Goal Zone for 15 seconds. Every goal point during this time will automatically be doubled.

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There will be no “teleport back to base” option available in Auroma Park. So players will need to depend on the yellow berries for maintaining their HP throughout the match. Green Berries are also available throughout the map which provides a movement boost to the players.

Auroma Park has a unique feature of its own. The conveyor belt pushes the Pokemon in the direction the arrows are facing. Players can move around the map using these conveyor belts. It will also provide a speed boost after players get down from the belt. But unfortunately, only one-way movement is allowed through the conveyor belts.

Credit: TiMi Studio

Three wild Pokemon spawn throughout the match in Auroma Park. Pokemon Abra spawns randomly throughout the map. Regigigas spawns after 2 minutes into the match. It respawns again after two minutes once it is defeated. Araquanid is also found around the map. It calls dewpiders based on the number of Pokemons nearby.

Credit: TiMi Studio

Shivre City

Credit: TiMi Studio

Shivre City is a small rectangular map where 4v4 Quick Battles are played. There are two goal zones for the teams and one goal zone for each team on this map. One is the outer goal zone and another is the base goal zone. The goal zones will not break after a certain amount of points is scored. Scoring points in the goal zones will heal the player.

Shivre City has a unique instant scoring feature. Players have a meter which increases with time as they take part in more battles. When the meter is completely filled, players can instantly score on the goal zones. Each lane also features a speed flux zone which increases the movement speed of all the Pokemon.

Credit: TiMi Studio

Electrode and Avalugg are found on certain points of the map. Electrode goes into a self-destruct mode after its HP reaches 60%, making it tough for the players to defeat it. Once it is self-destructed, Electrode will provide EXP to the last team that dealt the damage. On the other hand, defeating Avalugg will create a barrier in the goal zone of the team. Opponents cannot score in the goal zone unless the barrier is destroyed or timed out. Avalugg also gives a shield to the team that defeats it.

Credit: TiMi Studio

Catch ‘Em

Credit: TiMi Studio

Catch ‘Em is a new game mode in Pokemon UNITE and the newest addition of Quick Battles. Players have to catch different wild Pokemon around the map and play as them. The Pokemon who can be captured and played will have a white aura below them. Along with wild Pokemon, boss Pokemon also spawns around the map. Boss Pokemon can also be captured and played by the player. They have a relatively high damage output than other Pokemon.

Players can swap with the captured Pokemon and fight as them. When knocked down, players will again come back to the form of the initial Pokemon, however, they will not gain any extra HP.

Credit: TiMi Studio

Using Boss Pokemon moves inside goal zones will make the goal zones defenseless for 15 seconds. This gives the team ample chance to push and clear the lanes. Here are the spawn locations of all the Pokemon in Catch ‘Em mode.

  • Top Lane: Articuno, Electrode, and Rotom.
  • Jungle: Avalugg, Dreadnaw, Ludicolo, Regigigas, and Tauras.
  • Bottom Lane: Araquanid, Rotom, and Zapdos.

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