Pokemon Unite: Best Pokemon to Choose For Boss Rush Mode

pokemon unite boss rush

Pokemon UNITE is a free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed and published by TiMi Studio and The Pokemon Company. The game features a 5v5 MOBA mode where players must collect EXP and deposit the EXP on certain goal zones. The team who completes all the goal zones or leads after the match end timer wins the game.

Boss Rush mode is the newest game mode that has been added to the game. It is one of the quick battles available in the game with a PvE battle. Like other quick battles, Boss Rush also has a time limit of 5 minutes. Players need to defeat boss Pokemon around the map in this mode.

Defeating boss Pokemon also requires the player to make good preparation. Though the game mode is not as intense as others, players need to choose Pokemon to bring out the best result. With so many Pokemon available in the game, here is a list of the best Pokemon for boss rush mode.

Best Pokemon for Boss Rush mode


slowbro pokemon unite
Credit: The Pokemon Company

Slowbro is a Pokemon with both offense and defense. His scald move is very useful in the boss rush mode as it provides increased damage. Slowbro can also act as a strong tank when it comes to restoring his HP. Slowbro can debuff the boss Pokemon and buff himself during the battle.


gardevoir pokemon unite
Credit: The Pokemon Company

Gardevoir is a psychic-type Pokemon available in the game. Gardevoir can increase the amount of damage dealt to the opponent with her Future Sight. She can also do the same, as well as reduce the defense with her move Psychic. Overall, Gardevoir is a very useful Pokemon for going against challenging bosses in battle.

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delphox pokemon unite
Credit: The Pokemon Company

Delphox is a great Pokemon to pick for ranged attacks. Delphox can create a vortex of fire that automatically moves to the nearest enemy to deal damage for a specific amount of time. The more time passes, the more the flame increase in intensity and damage. Delphox’s damage-dealing ability makes it one of the best Pokemon for boss rush mode.


decidueye pokemon unite
Credit: The Pokemon Company

Decidueye is one of the strongest Pokemon available in the game for the boss rush mode. His Razor Leaf increases the attack speed and also grants him the ability to hit multiple targets at once. Shadow Sneak can be a great source of AoE damage as it deals damage to the enemies by reducing their movement speed.


blissey pokemon unite
Credit: The Pokemon Company

Blissey is undoubtedly one of the strongest support characters in the game. Blissey can heal teammates with her Soft-Boiled move. Her Helping Hand is the best support move, as it significantly increases the attack and movement speed of the team.

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