One Piece Fan Builds Kaido’s Onigashima Island in Minecraft

minecraft onigashima island 2022
Credit - Minecraft

Minecraft is probably the world’s most famous and vastly growing sandbox creation game. It is an ever-growing world played and enjoyed by millions worldwide daily. Minecraft lets players play with their imagination and bring forth some of the greatest world designs of all time seen in video games.

Minecraft has risen in popularity more due to its player’s dedication to recreating buildings and scenarios from regular daily life and also from movies and anime. These recreations take a long amount of time and patience. With some of them taking weeks, even months.

In this article, we will cover the recent building of Onigashima Island by a Minecraft player. How he did do it and what is the actual Onigashima island? So you will find plenty to read here.

What is the Onigashima Island?

Onigashima is a region of Wano Country. Originally a summit of Mt. Fuji it became regarded as an island following the flooding of the country. It served as the official base of operations for the Beasts Pirates, including Emperor Kaidou, the All-Stars, and the Numbers. The island was given its name upon being settled by the Beasts Pirates over 25 years ago.

op onigashima island entrance
Credit – One Piece

As part of the New Onigashima Project, the island was displaced from its spot at sea by Kaidou using his dragon powers, with the intention of moving it to the Flower Capital. However, thanks to the efforts of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance, the island instead landed safely near the capital.

Onigashima In Minecraft

Reddit user u/Heraza recently uploaded a post showcasing the work he spent days on in his SMP, and the
post seems to have been well appreciated by the community, who found the build really impressive. With
the overlap between the two communities, there were also quite a few users making references to the show and commenting on other such aspects in the comments.

minecraft op island
Credit – Minecraft

The project took around 6 days to make. The player made the whole island in survival mode but tried and tested it all out in creative mode. This is one of the best takes of the island ever seen in Minecraft, and One Piece fans are hooked on it now.

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