Noah’s Heart Tier List: The Best Phantoms Ranked

Noah's Heart tier list
Credit: Archosaur Games

Noah’s Heart is a new anime sci-fi MMORPG game by Archosaur Games. The game is set in the world of Noah, where players can roam freely and explore the vast world. Throughout their journey, players will encounter several NPCs and situations where they need to fight against various monsters.

Noah’s Heart players can acquire Phantoms by summoning them or collecting fragments. The rates of the summoning of these Phantoms depend on their rarity. There are over 40 Phantoms in Noah’s Heart. These Phantoms have unique abilities and stats. Phantoms are generally divided into five classes in the game, namely: Assassin, Fighter, Ranger, Tank, and Sage.

This article will rank all the Phantoms of Noah’s Heart according to their tier rankings and classes. SSR Phantoms are mostly considered to be the strongest in the game.

Noah’s Heart: Phantom tier list

Before ranking the characters in tiers, we judged several factors of the characters, including their strength, abilities, power, flexibility, and difficulty.

For the ranking, we will distribute the characters into five categories:

S-Tier: Tier S includes the strongest characters in the game who can outperform the opponent in any situation.
A-Tier: A-Tier characters are not the strongest but can do a decent job against more vigorous opponents.
B-Tier: Characters of this tier are not that strong, but they can do a decent job in certain situations with others’ help.
C-Tier: C-Tier includes characters who are a bit weak in the game and can give players a hard time with the character.
D-Tier: The weakest characters of the game are included in this tier.

S (Overpowered)Jaanie, KikoSanadaAveVictor, ArtienAuria
A (Strong)Plato, KageTina, KamiMoses Hughes, NoahJohanne, Vivian
B (Good)Sherilyn, Philo, Marcella, TovitShirley, Valjean, JennieZeta
C (Average)MartellFong, Tina, Valjean, Euclid, Hippocrates,SojiSebas, Arora
D (Weak)DarwinJoe , Urian,CharlieLaurent, Fey,

Noah’s Heart: Best Phantoms According to Classes



  • Phantom Weapon: Dual Blades

Kiko is an SSR grade Phantom categorized as an Assassin type in-game. As an assassin, Kiko can deal a high amount of damage to enemies. Her stealthy abilities and escape mechanisms make her one of the strongest Assassins in Noah’s Heart.

Her first unique talent, Spinning Impact, is an AOE-targeted damaging ability that delivers Darkness elemental damage to everyone in her path. This attack delivers 200% Darkness element damage to the enemies. She can teleport to the starting location by casting this talent one more within 8 seconds.



sanada noah's heart
Credit: Archosaur Games
  • Phantom Weapon: Polearm

Sanada is an SSR grade Phantom categorized in-game as a Fighter type. Sanada is the strongest fighter phantom in Noah’s Heart right now. She has the strongest single-target damage ability in the game, which makes her a must-have phantom for players.

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Ashes to Ashes, her first special ability, is a single targeted skill that sets the enemies on fire dealing damage. Using this skill, Sanada leaps at the target dealing 150% Fire elemental damage to them. Burning enemies will draw nearby enemies closer, with a fire tornado dealing an overall 130% fire damage.



ave noah's heart
Credit: Archosaur Games
  • Phantom Weapon: Bow

Ave, commonly known as Zero, is a Phantom of the SSR grade and is categorized as a Ranger type in-game. She is the strongest ranger phantom available in the game right now.

Her first unique ability, Piercing Arrow, is a single target ability that deals wind elemental damage to the enemies. Fires two piercing arrows quickly, which deals total wind damage of 591%.



artien noah's heart
Credit: Archosaur Games
  • Phantom Weapon: Sword and Shield

The SSR grade Phantom known as Artien, sometimes Ptolemaic, is categorized as a Tank type in the game. Artien is the strongest Tank phantom in Noah’s Heart as he can absorb a huge amount of damage from the enemies giving a perfect shield to his teammates.

His first special ability, Desert Shield, deals 95% damage to the enemies in front of him. The dash distance is extended to 12 meters if the Armor Shield Heavy Strike is activated inside 6 meters. Artien and his teammates will receive 20% elemental resistance through a sandstorm created.



auria noah's heart
Credit: Archosaur Games
  • Phantom Weapon: Sword and Shield

Auria, commonly known as Aurora, is a Sage-type in-game Phantom with an SSR grade. She is the best sage Phantom in the game currently.

Auria’s first unique skill, Sacred Leaf, is a very good AoE damage ability. Sacred Leaf can also be stacked multiple times. After applying this skill, Auria leaps to the target’s position dealing 440% damage upon landing.

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