Noah’s Heart: How to Level Up Fast

noah's heart level up faster

Noah’s Heart is a new anime sci-fi MMORPG game by Archosaur Games. The game is set in the world of Noah, where players can roam freely and explore the vast world. Throughout their journey, players will come across several NPCs and also situations where they need to fight against various monsters.

Leveling up is essential in every game. In Noah’s Heart, levelling up is very important as players can unlock a lot of in-game content. Players are offered quests in the main storyline based on their experience level.

Players can level up in Noah’s Heart by completing the quests and earning exp points through several tasks. There are many ways to earn exp points and increase your level in Noah’s Heart.

This article will discuss all the best tips and tricks to level up faster in Noah’s Heart.

Tips to level up faster in Noah’s Heart

Complete the main storyline

noah's heart main quest
Credit: Archosaur Games

Noah’s Heart is based on the main storyline and its open-world feature. Players must follow through with this storyline and progress along the game. Each storyline quest requires a specific amount of experience for the players to play it. However, if you continue through the storyline, you will receive the necessary experience points to level up and unlock the quests. Completing quests of the main storyline is the primary way to level up in Noah’s Heart.

Complete side quests

Side quests can also be a good source for earning more experience points for levelling up faster in Noah’s Heart. Side quests are the quests that players can complete during their exploration of the open world. Although side quests are not a significant part of the main storyline, they provide a decent amount of points for the players to upgrade their adventurer level.

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Complete more missions

noahs heart missions
Credit: Archosaur Games

Noah’s Heart includes several missions daily, weekly, or monthly. Event-based missions are also added to Noah’s Heart frequently. Carrying out these missions and finishing them provides a good amount of points for the players to level up faster.

Fight and kill more enemies or monsters

While exploring Noah, players will encounter several NPCs, monsters, or boss monsters. Taking on a fight around the map and killing the NPCs and bosses provides the players with decent exp points. Try to engage in as many battles as possible to earn more points for levelling up.

Find and open more treasure chests

There are treasure chests spread along the map. These treasure chests provide exps to the players after being opened. Explore all the treasure chests around the map and receive exp from them. Loot chests can also offer points to the players to level up.

Explore the map

noah's heart map
Credit: Archosaur Games

Exploring the vast world of Noah is one of the main things to do in Noah’s Heart. Players can roam around the map to unlock new regions. Unlocking new regions around the map will provide the players with the exp points required to level up faster.

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