Noah’s Heart: A Complete Guide For Beginners 2022

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The thrilling open-world game launched by Archosaur Games has been a massive hit amongst players worldwide. Not only does the game have a great open-world mode but also different other modes for players to try out.

Many had high expectations from the game as this was being made by the developers behind the popular game Dragon Raja. Fans will be happy to know that the game exceeds their expectations and is ready to give players an amazing experience.

With so many different elements in the game, it can be confusing for players who are just starting. It may take some time to get accustomed to the game. However, we have you covered with our article covering everything you need to know about Noah’s Heart as a beginner.

Complete Beginners Guide to Noah’s Heart

Character Creation

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Similar to other MMORPG games, this is the very first thing you will notice as soon as you begin the game. The user has various characteristics to pick from in this excellent MMORPG game, and the customizing procedure is flexible. For example, the player can modify their character’s hair color, hairdo, brows, lips, eye color, height, etc. Take your time while Customizing your character to stand out, and remember that once you pass this stage, there is no turning back. As a result, make sure your character is rocking all of the new styles.

Weapons and Class selection

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Players are required to choose a beginning class, which will alter based on the weapon they use. This gives users more options for selecting the right weapon for varied settings and encounters. There are primarily four classes to choose from.

Sword & Shield

Sword and Shield would be called the game’s frontline or tank. They are pretty good at PvM (Player v Monster) and PvP (Player v Player) content, especially with the ability to use Blocking attacks. However, in PvM, most strikes can be evaded, making Blocking, the major aspect of this class, feel a little underwhelming. Outside of PvP, players will seldom need to block and may forget that Blocking exists at all. However, blocking at the right moment may be quite profitable in some specific sections of the game. Unlike most tanks in more typical MMORPGs, the Sword and Shield have no manner of generating aggro, making their endurance feel even more pointless.


When fighting foes, Polearm has tremendous mobility and extensive chains of combinations. In PvM, the Polearm can seem a little disappointing, with its combos feeling rather average and Boss battles feeling slightly clumsy. Polearm users, on the other hand, are excellent in PvP content. They have the most 1v1 potential of any class, with their stun-lock combinations leading to near-unlimited juggles. Their disadvantages include low damage output, lack of durability, and restricted specialization. Most PvP events are done in groups, and Polearm users will struggle to pull off such incredible combinations while battling numerous foes at once.


Due to its excellent mobility and very lethal combinations, Dual-Blade is the second-best class in Noah’s Heart. On the other hand, Dual Blade is the most challenging class to learn due to the blades’ longest combinations in the game. Developing the muscle memory needed to execute these combinations flawlessly and on the fly will take a lot of work and determination. However, players will be rewarded for their efforts as they will easily crush others in Honor Arena. Once mastered, Dual-Blade can battle toe-to-toe with any class. They may also perform well in PvM, albeit their damage output is drastically reduced due to players needing to often dodge against some bosses. Spending so much time avoiding skills forces the player to be on the defensive and unable to inflict any damage until the Boss gives a window of opportunity to return to the battle. Overall, Dual-Blade is a wonderful and showy class that most players will appreciate in the long term.


This is Noah’s Heart’s top class for PvM content, and it also thrives in PvP. The bow is the sole ranged class in the game, which provides a significant edge over all other classes in combat. Fighting from a safe distance without fear of being attacked and kiting adversaries into advantageous positions will benefit gamers in dungeons and even arena encounters. Bow combinations are simple to master and very short compared to other classes. When used against numerous adversaries, the charged Heavy Attack is the most powerful in the game, causing tremendous Area of Effect damage and strong single target damage. This class is nearly flawless, with the sole drawback being that it occasionally struggles in PvP owing to players struggling to keep their distance when against the Dual-Blade class. Bow users can hold their own against almost anyone with smart skill point allocation and fighting techniques. The Bow class is relatively easy and may appear monotonous to some, yet it provides excellent incentives and payoffs.

Phantom Class

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These are characters based on historical figures. In Noah’s Heart, the Phantoms are further classified into five separate Phantom Classes based on their unique talents. The Phantoms are made of diverse elements such as Wind, Water, Thunder, Fire, Dark, and Light, distinguishing them from one another. Here is a list of all the Phantom classes in Noah’s Heart and their abilities.


This type of Phantom may function as a shield on the battlefield, absorbing massive amounts of damage caused by opponents on their team solely to defend their allies. The phantoms of this class are team players since they attempt to save everyone on their squad as a whole, not just themselves. Noah, Artien, and Da Vinci are Phantoms from this class.


This class of Phantoms excels at hand-to-hand and melee combat. They have excellent defensive and offensive powers at close ranges, and even though they attack their opponents one at a time, they can beat them fast and effortlessly. Phantoms from this class include Sanada and Kami, to name a few.


This class is the polar opposite of the Phantoms in the Fighter class since Ranger Phantoms are experts in long-range weaponry. They can deliver more damage to their adversaries over a more extended range than usual, and they also aid in enhancing their comrades’ overall speed. Saves Sisyphus and Ave are two Phantoms from this class.


A Phantom from this class is a must-have for any squad. Because of their healing skills, they are the best supporters in the game. Having them on one’s squad boosts the chances of winning significantly. However, because of their increased health regeneration powers, the players will be more difficult to kill than usual. This class includes Phantoms such as Vivian, Aurora, and Gretel.


This class is noted for its stealthy powers, and they can deal massive damage to their adversaries without being detected most of the time. Their abilities are also useful in assisting their teammates in some tough situations, as their one shot may shift the entire flow of the battle. Phantoms from this class include Kage, Sherilyn, and Kiko.

Game Mode

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Players can choose between two game modes: action-adventure and role-playing. Action Adventure is all about going for the head with minimal drama. The player’s task is simple: capture the adversaries and murder them. In comparison to Action-Adventure, Role Playing is a full-fledged movie. Choosing Roleplaying mode will introduce you to Shirley and Ave, two girls who will assist you throughout the game. Shirley and Ave are crucial characters in the game since they will accompany you to Fairy Town, assist you in combat, and offer you the first of many Noah’s Heart storylines. These two characters will lead you through various storylines where you will encounter new people that will also help you throughout the game. So there’s nothing to worry about in the Role Playing mode since Ave and Shirley will come to your help.

Combat System

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Now that we’ve completed the Character Customization and Weapons sections, it’s time to proceed to the next essential Noah’s Heart beginner’s guide, the Combat Style. The first conflict you will encounter is tutorial combat, and this combat section is quite important since it will offer you an idea of what and how the battle maneuvers will be like. Noah’s Heart combat style includes not just hitting and defending but also evading and quick movements. Your rapid actions, avoiding and striking, as well as the weapon combo, will bring down your opponents. Try to learn the combat style in this game, as it will be a huge game changer for you. Aside from that, this game has no Autoplay, so you will need to control everything manually. A new set of on-screen controls will appear when you are in a crucial fighting situation. The player must manage the fights manually, and controls include right-hand skills, attack buttons, dash moves, and left-hand mobility abilities.

Side Activities

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It is not always necessary to battle and vanquish your opponents in Noah’s Heart. Instead, it’s an adventure-filled universe where players may discover items other than battlegrounds and weaponry. Fishing, photography, crafting, hunting, and other side activities are available to the player. You will eventually reach this incredibly relaxed mode as you go through the game. The farther you go in the game, the more opportunities you will have to meet other players, and you never know; you could make a buddy or two. The players can do whatever they want in the game so don’t get so lost that you forget to complete the storyline.