Nintendos Pikmin Bloom Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary

pikmin bloom anniversary 2022
Credit - Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom is Nintendo’s first Augmented Reality based open-world simulator game. The game helps you to walk around in the real world and interact with other people to help you complete challenges and grow your Pikmin, which is a tree-like character in the game that blooms new flowers on them.

Recently Nintendo’s Pikmin Bloom Reached their 1-year anniversary mark, and the game community is poised to see what the devs have in store. To the players, though, it is a year full of step counts and memories to tell along the way.

In a recent post, the game’s developers announced what they have planned for their 1st year anniversary. Here, we will briefly discuss what we know of the news and what to expect in the near future.

Pikmin Bloom One Year Anniversary

It’s been one year since Pikmin Bloom by Nintendo. In an official blog on the game website, the creators thanked the community for their support over the past year with a short message and told fans to stay tuned for more “exciting” things.

The devs stated, “We hope that everybody has enjoyed walking, covering the world with beautiful flowers, and keeping in touch with friends and family through the Weekly Challenges over the last year, and are excited about everything that’s to come.”

Credit – Pikmin Bloom

As part of the game’s anniversary celebrations, Pikmin Bloom will be hosting a “full month” of events and activities throughout November. On the game’s official website, we can see a graphic map of what the schedule for the upcoming Anniversary event.

pikmin bloom event schedule
Credit – Pikmin Bloom

That’s all that we know of the Anniversary event of Pikmin Bloom. The game is getting more attention as Pikmin 4 release is just on the horizon. The gaming world is also very excited about that at the same time.

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