New Apex Legends Mobile Update ‘Aftershow’ Releases on October 4th

Apex Legend Mobile: Aftershow
Credit - Electronic Arts

Apex Legends: Mobile is currently one of the best Battle Royale games for mobile out there. It continues to grow in popularity as the day passes because of the constant updates and new and exciting content regularly added to the game.

Apex Legends Mobile’s fourth Battle Pass is nearing its end, and the developers have finally revealed the launch date for the game’s next update – and revealed its name. In a recent tweet from the game’s official Twitter account, the developers confirmed that Apex Legends Mobile: Aftershow will go live on October 4 at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET.

In this article, we will dive into the news and talk about all we know about the new update and what to expect from the game in the future.

Apex Legend Mobile: Aftershow

Credit -Twitter

Nobody knows exactly what this update will bring. Still, since the developers have given the update an official title, it could be assumed that Aftershow is the name of the third season of Apex Legends Mobile. But the tweet describes the update as “small” and stops short of calling it a new season.

The game’s current Hyperbeat Battle Pass is scheduled to end on the same day Aftershow goes live, but both the Hyperbeat Event Hub page and the Hyperbeat Season Store have a different “expiration date,” and both will be gone on October 18.

So far, the game has paced two Legends per season, with each season split in half for a total of two Battle Passes per season. Historically, new Legends have been introduced alongside new Battle Passes, with a mobile-exclusive Legend debuting at the start of a new season and a second Legend arriving mid-season from the console and PC versions of the game.

The tweet announcing the update hinted that patch notes are on the way and will be released closer to the start of the Aftershow update. Until then, everyone can only speculate about the contents of the aftershow update.

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