NetEase’s New Mobile Game Knives Out Earns $2 Billion Revenue

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Knives Out is one of the most popular shooter survival games inspired by the great Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The game was developed and released by Netease Interactive and is one of the most popular battle royale games on the play store and iOS app store.

The game is most popular in southeast Asian countries like Singapore and Japan. The game embossed its immense popularity due to its similarities with games like PUBG Mobile and Freefire. It’s visuals and graphics are also very engaging and enjoyable for any mobile game fanatics out there.

The game recently surpassed its lifelong growth at $2 Billion. In this article, we will talk about how the game gained its immense popularity and everything else you need to know.

Knives Out Earns $2 Billion

Knives Out was originally released in November 2017, with versions for PC, Switch, and PlayStation coming out later. The first country that was hooked to the game was Japan as it was the birthplace of the game itself. The players were hooked instantly to the game.

Sensor Tower shared some data on the game in connection with its fifth anniversary, where we got to know how the game gained its immense popularity and the final breakdown of its lifelong earnings.

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Credit – Knives out

As of October 2022, the game reached over $2.2 billion in mobile revenue and generated 91 million downloads globally. Japan is the number one country, accounting for more than 90% of Knives Out’s total player spending. So it is more popular than other battle royale titles in the country.

For comparison, Japan accounts for only 2.4% of PUBG Mobile’s global revenue. The country also remains the largest market for Apex Legends Mobile, accounting for 34.1% of its total player spending. Analysts attribute Knives Out’s popularity in Japan to NetEase’s collaborations with local brands like One Piece and Evangelion, as well as the game’s aggressive ad campaigns and exclusive perks for local players.

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Credit – Knives out

Knives Out also account for 66% of NetEase’s total mobile revenue in Japan. According to Sensor Tower, Knives Out has been the highest-grossing battle royale in Japan for four consecutive years. It will likely hold the top spot in 2022, too.

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