Mobile Legends Tier List – Best Heroes for June 2022

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is one of the most popular MOBA games for handheld devices developed by Moonton Games. This MOBA has been very popular in the SEA region from the initial stage. Recently this game has taken over the casual and competitive scene all around the globe due to excellent updates that keep the meta fresh.

This swift-paced 5v5 battle arena has six leading hero roles: Marksman, Fighter, Mage, Jungler, and Tank. Like all the other MOBA, Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) has a meta-system that rotates continuously. In every patch, a few heroes are adjusted. Therefore, to outshine the opponent, players must learn the meta and switch their hero selection accordingly to get a competitive edge. In this article, we will try to cover the Mobile Legends hero tier list for every role in the current meta. Now let’s look at which heroes stand out the most in their specific roles.

Mobile Legends Tier List

In this meta-list, we tried to show the players the best to the worst hero of each role currently in Mobile Legends. We defined a total of five meta tiers for the current season. Firstly, in the S+ tier category, we have heroes that require immediate bans or are a must-pick as they are overpowered (OP) in this current meta. Then there is the S-tier category of heroes that are an excellent pick for players. Next in line, we have the A-tier heroes. Unsurprisingly, most heroes fall into that category. These heroes are good, but players must use them according to the situations.

After that, we have Average heroes in the B-tier category. Players should simply avoid these heroes unless they can combine them with other heroes to perform unique combos. Lastly, the C-tier heroes are the weakest of the bunch in the current meta. Hence players should wait for those C-tier heroes to return to the meta and then play with them.

Best Marksmen in Mobile Legends

Tier NameHero
OP (S+)Wanwan
Very Good (S)Beatrix, Brody, Popol and Kupa, Clint, Karrie, Kimmy
Good (A), Claude, Bruno, Moskov, Natan, Yi Sun-Shin, Irithel
Average (B)Miya, Granger
Bad (C)Layla, Hanabi, Lesley
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Undoubtedly Wanwan is the most broken marksman right now. After the recent buff to her ultimate, she is a complex carry hero ideal for middle to late game. Once the player can pop her ultimate skill at the late game, it’s over for the enemy side. So either a team picks Wanwan, or they have to ban this hero if they want to win. Then the S-tier heroes are perfect for any combos. Players should choose one of them for the Gold Lane and try to take the upper hand. Clint has high burst damage, Beatrix is versatile with her styles, and Popol and Kupa are among the strongest side laners in the game. The rest of all marksmen are situational but avoid the C-tier heroes at any cost.

Best Mages in Mobile Legends

Tier NameHero
OP (S+)Valentina, Esmeralda
Very Good (S)Xavier, Cecilion, Yve, Kagura, Lylia
Good (A)Luo Yi, Lunox, Pharsa, Harith, Kadita
Average (B)Gord, Chang’e, Odette, Vale, Valir, Chang’e
Bad (C)Zhask, Eudora, Alice, Aurora, Nana
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Ban Valentina is the current slogan in MLBB right now. Unfortunately, this mage is broken in many aspects. Her quick skill cast, CC, and the copying ultimate make her one formidable mage to beat. Unfortunately, Valentina makes the game unbalanced right now. Other than her, Cecilon and Xavier are the most prominent picks, with Lylia, Pharsa, and Kagura following closely behind. Esmeralda is another top-tier hero who is the most picked XP laner in recent tournaments. Her insane shield and sustain make her an unkillable monster at the late game.

Best Assasins in Mobile Legends

Tier NameHero
OP (S+)Ling
Very Good (S)Lancelot, Fanny, Karina, Helcurt
Good (A)Selena, Harley, Aamon, Natalia
Average (B)Hayabusa, Saber, Gusion,
Bad (C)Hanzo
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The coolest wall-leaper in the Land of Dawn Ling is the most overpowered assassin in our meta-list. His burst damage and quick skill cast make him the most versatile assassin in the game. He has good crit stat from his passive with immunity from his ultimate. After Ling, we have Fanny, Lancelot, and Karina, each having unique playstyles. Selena is often picked for the support role because of her traps and huge stun duration. In this Mobile Legends hero tier list, we decided to keep Hayabusa and Saber in the B-tier because of their lack of damage in the late game.

Best Tanks in Mobile Legends

Tier NameHero
OP (S+)Franco, Akai
Very Good (S)Hilda, Grock, Baxia, Atlas, Uranus, Khufra
Good (A)Lolita, Johnson
Average (B)Hylos, Tigreal
Bad (C)Gatotkaca, Belerick, Minotaur, Edith
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Franco is the tank you’d want in your team every match now. His hook pulls enemies from far and the ultimate blocks enemies from moving. Locking the enemy ADC and taking them out is the main objective of Franco. This strategy makes him an OP-tier tank. Franco is very good with buff invades too. Akai is also a revolution after his recent revamp. We see Akai in the Jungle role quite often now as his damage stat has significantly improved. Rather than these two, players can go with Atlas and Khufra for hard CCs. Baxia and Grock are also solid picks in some situations.

Best Fighters in Mobile Legends

Tier NameHero
OP (S+)Masha, Thamuz, Julian
Very Good (S)Phoveus, Aldous, Dyrroth, Pacquito
Good (A)Chou, Balmond, Aulus, Yu Zhong, Silvanna, X-Borg, Guinevere, Roger, Freya, Chou, Ruby, Barats
Average (B)Zilong, Khaleed, Badang, Jawhead, Lapu-Lapu, Alpha, Alucard, Kaja
Bad (C)Bane, Leomord, Minsitthar, Teriezla
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Masha can be played as both XP Laners and tanker. Her extra HP layers make her hard to skill, and her silence ability enables her to harass the squishy enemy heroes. Thamuz is too powerful in the XP Lane after the recent adjustment. His high sustainability, true damage, and chasing ability make him a solid Fighter. Julian is another top-tier hero. He has high poke and burst damage that makes him applicable for every situation. Dyrroth is an S-tier hero since he is an excellent anti-regen hero due to his true damage. The boxing sensation Paquito with his hard punches, can dominate the battlefield with massive bursts and knock-backs. Whereas, Chou and Ruby can be seen as tanks now. Occasionally Aulus Jungle is good too. In our tier list, we put heroes like Leomord, Jawhead, and Khaleed in the bottom section of our ranking as they are not doing very well with the current tank meta.

Best Supports in Mobile Legends

Tier NameHero
OP (S+)Angela, Mathilda
Very Good (S)Rafaela, Floryn
Good (A)Nana, Estes
Average (B)Carmilla, Diggie
Bad (C)Faramis
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For the core support heroes, Mathilda and Angela are the best picks right now. With her ultimate skills, Angela enables the team to play both aggressive and passive. Mathilda has good shielding skills, and excellent poke damage can make the enemy’s life difficult. Other than these two, Estes is very situational because of his high regen volume and less mobility. Finally, Rafaela is more of a compositional and counter-pick hero rather than based on her meta aspects. She is used to countering heroes like Natalia, Valir, and other slowdown heroes.


Mobile Legends has 116 heroes released to date. Every one of them is unique, and we all know that the MOBA genre follows an ever-evolving meta. In short, the hero’s pick rate increases and decreases with the change in meta. Picking the best heroes in the running meta makes the rank grind and competitive games much easier. Thus we hope our Mobile Legends hero tier list will help you choose the best heroes and rule the battlefield!