Mobile Legends Patch V1.7.24: Hero Adjustments, Magic Chess Changes, and more

mobile legends update v1.7.24
Credit - Mobile Legends

Mobile Legend is one of the best and most famous MOBA games for mobile devices. The game reached huge success because of its constant content update, new champions, and game mode. In addition, the other cosmetics of the game also proved to be a vital point regarding the game’s success.

The new update note for the latest game patch, v1.7.24, has been officially announced. The patch note is posted on Mobile Legend’s official website. The major changes are a ton of hero adjustments and changes in the Magical Chess game mode. Also, little tweaks and bug fixes can be seen in this patch.

So we will discuss all we know about the Update patch of v1.7.24. So, give the article a thorough read to understand what to expect from the update.

Mobile Legends Version 1.7.24

Magic Chess Changes:

Magical chess gameplay
Credit – Mobile Legends

The brand-new season, Magic Chess: Future Tech, is here. The update will introduce a whole host of new strategy-focused gameplay into Magic Chess. As the players play, they’ll have to fine-tune their strategies and hone their skills to gain the upper hand. That’s why this season, the Devs are adding in a new Synergy called Future Tech. Activate them all to receive the highest-rarity hero from the Shop, completely free.

Hero Adjustments


champion kaja
Credit- Mobile Legends

Removed Effect: Enhanced Basic Attacks no longer restore HP equal to 100+30% Magic Power.
New Effect: Enhanced Basic Attacks now paralyze enemies and can briefly reduce enemies’ Movement Speed, lowering their damage dealt by 4% for 3s, Stacks up to 6.

[Skill 1]
Each time this skill hits an enemy hero, the cooldown of Wrath Sanction is reduced by 1s (0.3s if an enemy minion is hit). >> Each time this skill hits an enemy hero, the cooldown of Ring of Order is reduced by 0.25s.
New: Recover a small amount of HP upon damaging enemy heroes.
New: Paralyzes enemies damaged.

[Skill 2]
Slightly reduced this skill’s damage.
New: Paralyzes enemies damaged.

Slightly reduced this skill’s damage.
New: Paralyzes enemies damaged.


champion floryn
Credit – Mobile Legends

Flower of Hope’s stats have been redesigned as follows: +5% Adaptive Attack (the hero’s Extra Physical Attack and Magic Power are compared to calculate whether this boost is applied to a hero’s Physical Attack or Magic Power).
Upgraded Flower of Hope now grants the following new stats: 10% Physical Lifesteal + 10% Magic Lifesteal.
New Effect: Allied heroes with the Flower of Hope gain a shield that can absorb damage each time Floryn’s skill heals them. Once upgraded, the Flower of Hope’s security and the allied hero’s Movement Speed also increases.


Champion khaleed
Credit – Mobile Legends

Slightly increased the blink distance of Khaleed’s Enhanced Basic Attack. After launching a Basic Attack, Khaleed draws even nearer to the target.
Slightly reduced the foreswing time of Enhanced Basic Attacks.
New Effect: Enhanced Basic Attacks inflict 40% Slow for 1.5s.
Removed the sand effect left behind.
Damage: 160% Total Physical Attack >> 50+140% Total Physical Attack

[Skill 1]
New Effect: Enemy heroes and creeps hit are pulled toward Khaleed a short distance (does not interrupt skills).
Slightly reduced this skill’s foreswing time. Base Damage: 170-520 >> 180-480


champion carmilla
Credit – Mobile Legends

Stolen Defense: 6-12 >> 7-11

Greatly increased Slow effects: 40% in the first phase, 60% in the second.
Magic Power Bonus: 160% >> 130%
Linked Damage Ratio: 70% >> 50%
Linked Control Ratio: 70% >> 100%

[Special Partner Skill]
Base Shield: 220-500 >> 520-800
Cooldown: 20s >> 45s

Luo Yi:

champion luo yi
Credit – Mobile Legends

Max Range: 20-28 >> 28-36


champion gatotkaca
Credit – Gatotkaca

[Skill 2]
Base Dash distance increased.
Reduced the charge time needed to reach maximum Dash distance (total charge time remains unchanged).


champion fredrin
Credit – Mobile Legends

Time taken for Combo Points and Crystal Energy to disappear: 3s >> 5s
Once Combo Points have started to disappear: 1 lost every 3s >> 1 lost every 1s

Base Damage: 600-1,000 >> 800-1,200
Crystal Energy Bonus: 40%>> 35%


champion paquito
Credit – Mobile Legends

[Enhanced Skill 2]
Damage: 240-720 + 240% Total Physical Attack >> 240-640 + 215% Total Physical Attack

Haymaker Damage: 350-600 + 100% Total Physical Attack >> 300-450 + 90%6 Total Physical Attack

[Enhanced Ultimate]
Uppercut Base Damage: 400-750 >> 400-600

Battlefield Adjustments

[Cursed Helmet] & [Molten Essence]
Extra Damage against Minions and Creeps: 250% >> 210%-350% (scales along with hero level

[Advanced Boots]
Percentage of original price returned when selling: 20% >> 30%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Baxia’s Ultimate wasn’t interrupted after his respawn shield activated.
  • Fixed an issue where the enemy couldn’t see or hear the warning effect of Lapu-Lapu’s ultimate when used from the bush.
  • Adjusted how Argus’ UItimate casts. He can now cast his Ultimate while his skills are still being cast.

That’s all for now. we will keep you guys updated as new news surfaces. Till then, keep an eye on our website.

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