Mobile Legends M4 Battle Pass: Free Skins Graffitis and More

Mobile Legends M4 Battle Pass
Credit - Mobile Legends

Mobile Legend is one of the best and most famous MOBA games for mobile devices. The game reached massive success because of its constant content update, new champions, and game mode. In addition, the other cosmetics of the game also proved to be a vital point regarding the game’s success.

The new patch for mobile legends has recently been released. The patch features a new battle pass for the M4 World Championship, which will take place in Jakarta from January 1–15. The new battle pass features free skins, Graffitis, and whatnot. The battle pass is expected to be very exciting and also rewarding.

In this article, we will talk about everything that we know about the battle pass till now.

M4 Battle Pass

MLBB has unveiled an animated trailer for the upcoming M4 Battle Pass. Players were able to see a preview of the two new skins that will be available in the next Battle Pass in the trailer.

m4 championship mlbb
Credit – Mobile Legends

The trailer shows the M4 Skin, Light Chaser Beatrix, and its upgraded form, Stellar Brilliance, which is classified as a Prime tier skin. The M4 Battle Pass will be released on 20th December. The battle pass preorder period will start on December 8th.

mlbb m4 battle pass
Credit – Mobile Legends

Players can level up the battle pass to get M4-exclusive gifts such as the M4 Beatrix Stellar Brilliance skin, M4 effects, M4 avatar border, M4 Glorious Trail, M4 Graffiti, and a unique set of actions. These rewards are available from 20 December until 22 January.

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