Mobile Legends Exorcist Event: How to Get Skins and Other Rewards

Mobile legends Exorcist event 2022
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Mobile Legend is one of the best and most famous MOBA games for mobile devices. The game reached massive success because of its constant content update, new champions, and game modes. In addition, the cosmetics of the game also proved to be a vital point regarding the game’s success.

Recently they have announced their exorcist lineup of skins and the event regarding their release. The players will have a chance to win the skins for free and other in-game items and cosmetics. Players are excited about this event because the skins that have been showcased look pretty awesome, and the event looks fun.

So we will discuss all we know about the starlight Exorcist Event and what we know of it until now. So, give the article a thorough read to understand what to expect from the event.

Mobile Legends Exorcist Event

From October 3 to November 16th, 2022, players can now perform drawings in the Exorcist Skin Event. By making ties, the players would get the Seal of the Exorcism. It is the main currency in the exorcist event. It would be used to redeem the two available exorcist skins and other amazing exclusive rewards in the exorcist event prize pool.

Exorcist event draw page mobile legends
Credit- Mobile Legends

Exorcism spells can also be obtained by completing the activities available in the Reload Bonus Token Event. The event will be available from October 3, 2022, to October 10, and October 7 batch bonus token event will also be available from November 5, 2022, until November 7, 2022.

Additionally, players can earn up to 58 free Bonus Tokens from completing activities in the Bonus Token Event. Finally, players should note that each first draw daily is discounted by 50%, thus making it much easier to make multiple draws.

Game menu page exoprcist event mobile legends
Credit- Mobile Legends

Seal Count for Claimable Items

Yu Zhong’s Exorcist appearance and Kagura’s Exorcist appearance can be exchanged using the claimed Exorcism Seal tokens. Other exclusive resources can also be obtained through this item redemption method. Below is the number of Seal of Exorcism tokens required for each item.

Kagura skin exorcist1200 Seal of the Exorcism
Exorcist Yu Zhong1200 Seal of the Exorcism
Exclusive call of the exorcist300 Seal of the Exorcism
Exclusive offspring effect of the exorcist150 Seal of the Exorcism
Exclusive notification of killing of exorcists150 Seal of the Exorcism
Exclusive exorcist avatar border100 Seal of the Exorcism
Exclusive Exorcist Emotes (Kagura and Yu Zhong)32 Seal of the Exorcism
Exclusive graffiti: Exorcism ritual (7 days)5 Exorcism seals
Credit: Mobile Legends

Event Draw Rewards

Players should note that a permanent reward is guaranteed for every ten draws. It cannot be an exorcist skin as the chances of getting them from the draws are very low. Some of the exclusive drops resulting from the extraction of specific extractions in the Exorcist event are the following:

  • exorcist Kagura skin
  • exorcist Yu Zhong’s skin
  • Exclusive offspring effect of the exorcist
  • Exclusive exorcist recall effect
  • Exclusive notification of killing of exorcists
  • Exclusive exorcist avatar border
  • Exorcist Yu Zhong’s ‘Embarrassed ’emoticon
  • The exorcist Kagura ‘Chills’ emoticon.
  • 20 Seal of the Exorcism
  • 15 Seal of the Exorcism
  • 12 Seal of the Exorcism
  • 10 Seal of the Exorcism
  • 8 Seal of the Exorcism
  • 5 Seal of the Exorcism

By accumulating 3600 Exorcism Seals, players can redeem an exclusive event skin three times. Additionally, players can gift the skins twice to their in-game friends.

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