Mobile Legends Drop Their October 2022 Starlight Pass: New Skins, Emotes, Statues, and More

Mobile Legends October 2022 Starlight Pass
Credit - Moonton Studios

Mobile Legend is one of the best and most famous MOBA games for mobile devices. The game reached huge success because of its constant content update, new champions, and game mode. In addition, the other cosmetics of the game also proved to be a vital point regarding the game’s success.

Mobile Legends has officially released a leak concerning the upcoming monthly Starlight pass of October 2022. This leak has also shown that Eudora is the lucky hero who’s about to get a new Starlight skin. In addition, there will be many other new prizes and more to collect from this starlight pass.

So we will discuss all we know about the starlight pass of October 2022 and what we know of it until now. So, give the article a thorough read to understand what to expect from the pass.

Mobile Legends October 2022 Starlight Pass

The October 2022 Starlight skin will be the Cosmic Voyage skin, and the lucky hero to possess this skin will be Eudora, a Mage role hero. The skin was showcased in the moonton games site pictures.

Mobile legend starlight pass october
Credit – Moonton Studios

As always, every month, upon purchase of the Starlight Pass, players could choose one out of a series of 5 starlight skins, including the new Eudora’ Cosmic Voyage’ skin. Here are some of the selected Starlight Skins, which players can get upon having a Starlight Pass in October 2022. In addition, players will also receive a little sacred statue for Karina as a Starlight Pass Reward for October 2022.

Mobile legend starlight pass october
Credit – Moonton Studios
  • Eudora “Cosmic Voyage’ skin: The Cosmic Voyage skin of Eudora is the exclusive Starlight skin for October 2022. This skin portrays Eudora as a mage with access to some cool tech, hence the skin’s intriguing visuals and displays.
  • Sun’s “Simian Curse” skin: The Simian Curse skin of Sun is an exclusive Starlight skin released in July 2021. This skin portrays Sun as a really strong fighter.
  • Benedetta’s “Street Blow” skin: The Street Blow skin of Benedetta is an exclusive Starlight skin released in January 2021. This skin has really good looks, visuals, and in-game effects.
  • Kaja’s “Kaminari” skin: The Kaminari skin is an exclusive starlight skin released in June 2019. It is one of the skins that will be available for selection in the October 2022 Starlight Pass. This skin of Kaja has perfect looks, design, and in-game features.
  • Moskov “Snake-Eye Commander” skin: The Biological Weapons skin of Moskov is an exclusive starlight skin with very cool display animations and visuals while also portraying Moskov as a very powerful Commander with a Snake-Eye patch.

Starlight Painted Skin

Players will receive a painted skin for the ‘Impish Trickster’ skin of Lolitas exclusive to purchasing Starlight Pass in October 2022. Players must note that this is painted skin. Hence, players need to own the original skin to use this.

Starlight Exclusive Battle Emote

Players will also receive a Eudora “Cosmic Voyage” Battle Emote, exclusive for purchasing Starlight Pass in October 2022.

Other than the rewards mentioned above, there are many more privileges to being a Starlight member.

  • Access to 6 weekly free heroes
  • Extended in-game friend limit (up to 200)
  • Access to 6 weekly free skins
  • 10% more EXP for every match
  • An exclusive avatar border (31-day)
  • Starlight exclusive profile
  • Extra 10 protection points when losing a ranked match
  • Starlight exclusive chat frame & battle emotes
  • Starlight exclusive elimination alert, recall effect & spawn effect
  • Sign in for a previous day in the “7-Day Log-In” event
  • 30% more mastery points for every match
  • 5% more BP for every match
  • One-time free Mysterious shop refresh
  • Starlight talent page

Players can check Starlight member benefits in-game by clicking on Starlight Pass and selecting the privileges tab. The Starlight Pass is a must-buy for the Eudora mains to get their hands on this Starlight exclusive ‘Cosmic Voyage’ skin of Eudora, along with all the other Starlight rewards and benefits it offers.

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