Mobile Legends December 2022 Leaks

Mobile Legends December 2022 Leaks
Credit - Moonton

Mobile Legend is one of the best and most famous MOBA games for mobile devices. The game reached massive success because of its constant content update, new champions, and game mode. In addition, the other cosmetics of the game also proved to be a vital point regarding the game’s success.

The new events and cosmetics leak for Mobile Legends’ next patch are on the horizon, and we are going to be treated with a ton of changes and new events. These changes and events will bring on new ways to play the game and a lot of variances.

In this article, we will talk about all the changes and upcoming events.

December Starlight Pass 2022

mlbb starlight
Credit – Moonton

The main skin that players will get as a part of December Starlight Pass 2022 is Vexana’s ‘Circus Magician’ skin. The skin is really good and well-designed, and the players will surely look forward to picking this skin up for her. The other skins in the Starlight Pass will be:

  • Yu Zhong’s Bio Hazard skin
  • Brody’s Lethal Fang skin
  • Selena’s Double Identity skin
  • Jawhead’s Candy Bearskin

Other Starlight Pass Rewards

  • Starlight Sacred Statue: Players will receive a limited sacred statue for Vexana as a Starlight Pass Reward for December 2022.
  • Starlight Painted Skin: Players will receive a painted skin for the Bass Craze skin of Hilda. They must own the original skin to use the painted skin.
  • Starlight Exclusive Battle Emote: Players will also receive a Vexana ‘Circus Magician’ skin Battle Emote after purchasing the Starlight Pass in December 2022.

MLBB x ASPIRANT’S UNITE Collaboration event

mlbb the aspirants
Credit – Moonton

Moonton Games has officially confirmed the upcoming release of another Aspirants Unite skin collaboration event. This Collab Event would be 3rd Aspirant’s event released this year, a bit unlike the previous ones, this new Collab would bring about cool new skins for Ruby and Angela.

This event will be live from the 3rd of December, 2022, and the event token recharge bonus would be coming up on the 10th of December, 2022.

Esmeralda’s Super Hero Event

mlbb esmeralda
Credit – Moonton

Esmeralda’s Superhero skin is going to be live by the 9th of December. This skin possesses very unique visuals and interactive in-game animations, and skill effects. The skin can be acquired by making draws and accumulating exchange tokens.

MLBB X NEYMAR Jr. Collaboration Event

mlbb neymar jr
Credit – Moonton

The collaboration between Mobile Legends and Brazilian star Football player Neymar Jr is going to feature 2 skins:

  • An Epic skin named “Halo Striker” can be gotten by using diamonds to participate in the Lucky Flip event.
  • A Special skin named “Neymar Jr.” can be gotten completely free by completing tasks and accumulating ‘Signed Photos’ which can be exchanged to get the event-exclusive skin and also an event exclusive emote.
  • Players can get the look-alike Special skin of Neymar jr. completely for Free by completing match tasks and making draws with the accumulated draw tokens. Players would be able to get the skin as of the 3rd of December, 2022.

Free Skin – Natalia’s ‘Cyber Spectre’ skin

Players would be able to get Natalia’s special skin, ‘Cyber Spectre’ for free when they log in between December 3rd and December 9th, 2022.

Battle Bonus

From December 10th to December 12th, 2022, players would receive double exp and gold whenever they complete in-game matches. This would help players farm more and easily buy items in-game.

Login Rewards

Logging into the game between 17th to 19th December 2022 will enable players to get free in-game effects, such as Neymar jr.’s exclusive elimination effect.

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