Mission Zero Closed Beta Test: Everything You Need to Know

mission zero cbt 2022
Credit - Mission Zero

Mission Zero is a 2v4 competitive stealth game featuring an outstanding gameplay experience developed by NetEase Studios for Mobile and PC. The game was teased in June of 2022, and now the game’s closed beta is starting in various regions throughout the globe.

The regional closed beta for the game will begin on November 11th and will continue onwards. The closed beta will be accessible for Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia regions and will feature cross-platform gameplay for PC and Mobile.

This article will discuss all we know about the Closed Beta and everything you need to know to prepare for the game coming out globally.

Mission Zero CBT

Mission Zero is an upcoming 2v4 stealth cat and mouse chase type game from NetEase. At the start of the game, you have to choose between two teams. Sirius, the invaders, will have a party of 4 people. Or the team Morbius who will have a team of two. You have to choose your team and character before the start of the game.

mission zero gameplay
Credit – Mission Zero Leaks

Talent System

There will be a talent system for the game, which will be very intriguing and exciting. It will feature in the upcoming Closed Beta Test. This will allow the players to change their stats and talents for different characters in the preparation phase of the match. These changes will vary respectively on the character and the map. Also, the role of any character in the team will play a vital role in choosing the talents.

mission zero banner
Credit – Mission Zero Leaks

The talent will grow as a player plays through the game. A maximum of three individual talents and one Map based talent will be reserved for a team.

The System requirement of the closed beta is not disclosed yet. But as with other NetEase titles, it will also require a mid to high-end spec for a device. So until the Closed Beta comes live, we can only see the teasers and trailers to get an idea of what to expect.

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