Miniclip Shutting Down: Everything you Need to Know

miniclip shutting down servers
Credit - Miniclip Achieve

Miniclip is a mobile game publisher and a browser game website launched in 2001. Robert Small and Tihan Presbie started it. In March 2022, Miniclip announced that it had reached 4 billion downloads, with 8 Ball Pool alone accounting for 1 billion.

Miniclip has recently announced that it will shut down all its online servers. That includes its website game servers, all online game servers, and download servers. Only the server for and 8 Ball Pool will be open to the public.

In this article, we will discuss everything we know about this decision. And what to expect from this company in the future. So, please give it a thorough read.

Miniclip is Shutting Down!

What is Miniclip?

Launching in 2001, with a meagre budget of £40,000, the company Miniclip was valued at £275 million in 2008 as it became the site for teens to play games. Around this time, the site had over 400 games of all categories, from first-person shooters to strategy and cooking games.

It literally had it all, from the whacky to the downright iconic. Games such as Raft Wars and Commando, to name just a couple, could easily occupy children and teenagers for hours. From iconic jumpers from the Goalposts series to that iconic BGM from the Batman series.

miniclip old school
Credit – Miniclip Archive

Decline of Miniclip

Mobile gaming is rising like a crazy wildfire nowadays. Miniclip’s website is severely declining, as no one can go to any website and play video games there. Instead, they are more accustomed to just downloading those from the game store and playing them. It is also a very fast and convenient way to play any game.

After years of decline of players on the site, Miniclip announced they would focus their efforts on mobile games instead of web classics. The decision was actually made back in March, earlier this year, when the move to mobile games was announced.

After announcing their iOS and Android games had amassed over four billion downloads, the business said they are “evolving” to focus on mobile platforms. Though the news came as a sad one for the millennials, the website will always remain a good memory of our childhood.

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